Marketing Planning Simplified

Few marketing and communications professionals have a strategic planning and execution routine.  It’s like diet and exercise – we all know we should do it, some have created good habits, and many of us have not. We all know that we should have a tempo, timeline, and a process for doing research, creating a strategy, executing the strategy, checking it regularly,  adjusting it occasionally, and reviewing it thoroughly.  We know that it will help us become better marketers, get bigger budgets, and show more value to our companies.  We also face the reality of doing a million little things that aren’t in the strategy while trying to keep up with all the changes in our industry.

That’s why we developed this eBook.  In it, you will find best practices, templates, calendars, and checklists that will help your entire marketing team create a plan and stick to it over the course of the year.  Of course, some companies work on a three-year plan while others need to change course every six months.  All these exercises, and more importantly the thinking behind them, will still be valuable as you work through the alignment, strategy, execution, measurement, analysis, and adjustment cycle.

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