Marketing to Millennials for Manufacturing

Today, most manufacturers are either struggling to sell to younger buyers or struggling to get younger people to work for them.  Both issues are equally holding them back from achieving their growth goals. While many manufacturers make things we easily recognize – mobile phones, cars – many make items that are more niche and behind the scenes.  But valves, actuators, and electronic panels are all necessary for our existence.  Without them, we wouldn’t have trains, clean water, or heated gloves.  So many objects vital to our lives are created by manufacturers.

This eBook is intended to help manufacturers rethink how they are communicating so that they can attract millennials as customers and employees.  First, we will lay out three major shifts in how people consume information today.  Second, we’ll take a look at some new ways to get attention for your products.  Next, we’ll make recommendations on how to position your company as an employer of choice.  Finally, we’ll provide some insight on how to go about getting help if you choose to take a new approach.

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