Director of Growth and Revenue

Adrian is driven by the opportunity of bringing impactful ideas to life through powerful storytelling. He has transitioned into the Director of Growth and Revenue for Slice Communications. Adrian previously served as a Social Media Account Manager where he engaged in a number of key functions for his clients, including running their social channels on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter; managing their various communities; conducting key data analysis and reporting to make sure that goals are being met, and overseeing various LinkedIn Sales Navigator initiatives intended to help clients in acquiring highly qualified leads for their businesses. Ultimately, Adrian’s service goes beyond just creating social plans and posting them on relevant social media platforms. Adrian dives deep into understanding the core values that define his clients’ businesses and the essence of who they are. His efforts extend to knowing precisely the story that his clients are trying to tell their audiences through social media and contributing to strategy and business development in order to ensure that their narrative aligns with their goals. In this way, Adrian considers himself a partner in his clients’ successes.

Adrian’s career began in professional coaching at an elite youth soccer academy where he worked with some of the nation’s most talented athletes, many of whom are now competing in some of the world’s largest clubs. Throughout his years in coaching, Adrian learned about the importance of effective communication as well as the critical nature of building plans around goals. Dreams and aspirations are important, but if they are not applied to an actionable plan, then, in Adrian’s experience, nothing happens. Something that Adrian has always carried with him, whether it’s on the field of play or in the boardroom, is that good communication starts with active listening. When coaching, Adrian would listen to his athletes, his colleagues, and his superiors and from his observations, develop plans and goals that contributed to propelling his program to outstanding heights.

While soccer has remained a passion for Adrian, after COVID forced him to reconsider his pathway, he decided that the time was right to transition full-time to marketing and he has not looked back since then. He started a boutique digital marketing agency building websites for small to medium businesses, consulted on business development and strategy for an asphalt company based out of Kentucky, and built marketing campaigns for a number of CPG brands, one of which is a promising natural spring water company. Every day is a learning experience and this is something that he does not take lightly.

Adrian brings his years of coaching experience working with large to small teams to achieve what might, at times, seem like impossible goals. No challenge is too great when you are surrounded by passionate, intelligent, hard-working, and kind people. This is something Adrian believes he has found at Slice Communications and is eager every day, to jump into the lion’s den and get to work.

When not working on client accounts, Adrian can be found playing/watching soccer, binging The Office and Friends, taking leisurely walks in the Reading, PA countryside with his beloved wife, Valeri, or spending precious moments chasing his one-year-old son around the house (he says this is how he is able to stay in such great shape). Also, he gives himself his own hair cuts, has an affinity for making mala bracelets and prayer necklaces (something he taught himself to do after returning while studying abroad in China), and really enjoys reading autobiographies of highly accomplished individuals such as Benjamin Franklin, Will Smith, Sir Alex Ferguson, Lionel Messi, Russel Brand, and Nelson Mandela. Currently, Adrian is making his way through Walter Isaacson’s fascinating biography of Leonardo Da Vinci. Feel free to DM him other reading suggestions via LinkedIn.