Director of Marketing Technology

Austin is a digital native and skilled techie with a ‘figure-it-out’ attitude. He serves as the Director of Marketing Technology for Slice Communications managing and maintaining client websites and social media platforms, ensuring consistency with best practices, and monitoring digital trends from web design to social behavior. One of his favorite tasks is activating his ‘Virtual Batman’ skills after receiving a “my website is broken, and I don’t know why!” communique: in a burst of smoke he transforms into the world’s greatest digital detective, ready to solve any case that comes his way.

He enjoys working on such exhilarating projects as the naming & promoting of the next generation of spacesuits, building the world’s largest funeral home community, normalizing the medical cannabis industry, guiding an educational campaign highlighting the challenging situations teens find themselves in today as it relates to drugs & sex, and spearheading a podcast series promoting State health challenge competition winners.

Austin began his career as a freelance journalist where he worked for, and eventually owned and managed, a small online publication. He covered conventions around the country sharing interviews, reviews, editorials, and breaking news on everything tech & pop culture. His favorite stories include interviews with Damon Albarn (Gorillaz & Blur), Andrew Lincoln (The Walking Dead), and numerous trips to Boston, Seattle, and New York to cover industry expos.

Born and raised in Delaware, Austin is a graduate of Wilmington University with a degree in Media Communications. When he isn’t working, you can (try to) find him in his element chasing his favorite musicians around the world, car camping in the Blue Ridge Mountains, or thumbs-deep in the latest video game or piece of tech.