Executive Assistant to CEO and Special Projects Manager

Dea Tuwalski is the Executive Assistant to CEO Cass Bailey and Special Projects Manager.  Dea has a sharp mind for organization and order and enjoys being part of a team that calls for her to be so attentive to the small details.

Dea is a Philadelphia native through and through!  Born in West Philadelphia, her educational and professional journeys have taken her through a solid education within the Philadelphia School District, Temple University, and St. Joseph’s University.  After obtaining her teaching certifications throughout her college career, Dea began teaching elementary school… also in Philadelphia.

Now at Slice Communications, Dea has more time to focus on enjoying the things in life she often missed out on with her hectic schedule, such as leisurely reading mysteries and crime thrillers, walking along some of the most beautiful trails in the region, and especially spending time with her daughter and husband.