Executive Operations Manager

Dea Maddox Tuwalski is the Executive Operations Manager at Slice Communications. Dea is driven by all areas related to law, logistical support, and supporting operations within an organization.  Dea has a sharp mind for organization and order and enjoys being part of a team that calls for her to be so attentive to the small details.

At Slice Communications, Dea is able to utilize her education and eclectic combination of skills to serve as an Ambassador to the agency.  She is the first individual with whom employment applicants and potential clients interact and serves as the first point of contact for anyone who needs to get onto the CEO’s calendar.  At Slice, Dea is also known to hustle! She overhauled, and now manages, the Internship program, oversees the onboarding journey for new staff, and works diligently to direct various projects for the agency, such as the implementation of a new password program to increase cybersecurity awareness, copyediting of original books by Agency leaders, serving as a teacher for the “teach the teacher” sessions for Slice University, and putting into place useful infrastructure features to allow for the transition to, and continuation of, fully remote work by agency employees.  She is also onboarded onto work for clients that involve heavy project and logistical support anytime the need arises.

Dea is a Board Director and the Board Secretary for the Social Media Day PHL independent non-profit.  As a Board Director and Secretary, Dea leads and guides decision-making on numerous issues and is responsible for the creation of the Board’s governance manual that serves as the catalyst for the Board’s work.  She serves on a number of committees, including the Social Media Stars Awards and Speakers committees.  With Social Media Day PHL producing the annual #SMDayPHL conference that is attended by hundreds of marketing, communications, and strategist professionals nationwide, Dea is heavily involved in an array of dynamics to pull this event off successfully year after year.  She actively works with speakers before, during, and after the conference to ensure that they are trained on the software, audio-visual aids, and topic content and obtains their feedback post-conference. She plays an integral role in bringing to life all of the moving parts, such as venue, logistics, and arrangement of all associated vendors.

Dea is a Philadelphia native through and through!  Born in West Philadelphia, her educational and professional journeys have taken her through a solid education within the Philadelphia School District, Temple University, and Saint Joseph’s University.  After obtaining her teaching certifications throughout her college career, Dea began teaching elementary school… also in Philadelphia.

In her spare time, Dea loves spending time with her daughter, Alina, and husband, Eric, traveling (they have a 50-state visit goal and are a quarter of the way through!), and stressing the importance of health and wellness (check out the walk around Lake Galena at Peace Valley Park; you won’t even realize you’re exercising).  You will also find Dea sitting in the carline daily as she waits to pick up her daughter from school–but she uses that time to read her favorite genre of novels.  Finally, as a fighter against injustice and bullying, you will often hear Dea share her motto for life–and which happens to be one of the reasons she enjoys and respects working at Slice so much since #SliceSquad lives it too: “Wrong is wrong, even if everyone is doing it, and right is right, even if no one is doing it.”