Social Media Manager

Jenna Jenkins is a Social Media Manager at Slice Communications. Utilizing her prowess as a creative, she’s able to build out strategic, inventive and captivating social media content and campaigns. She loves working with clients and brainstorming ideas to cultivate their visions.

She first started out as a social media intern at Slice while she was in college, working her way up to a part-time social media manager and then transitioning into a full-time role. Her past experiences in social media, marketing, communications and creative writing have been tools Jenna has used to thoroughly hone her skills and implement them here at Slice. You can read the blog Jenna wrote following her internship here.

Jenna graduated from Montclair State University with a B.A. in Communication and Media Studies and a minor in English. During her time at Montclair, Jenna discovered her passion for digital marketing. She was involved in the marketing club, wrote articles for the school newspaper and partook in a student-run marketing agency course, where she wrote for an educational magazine to grow readership numbers. She re-designed the magazine’s social channels as well, boosting engagement by 380%. During her junior year, she published a book and began creating UGC for various brands. 

To ensure a successful business and positive client relationship, Jenna transfigures factual information into immersive content, where audiences become advocates, by implementing Slice Communications’ Five Types of Attention Model

When Jenna isn’t working you can find her traveling the world (she has been to over 14 states and 4 countries), going on walks with her two pugs, hosting game nights with family and friends, learning ASL or at her desk crafting stories. (There’s a good chance she’s listening to Taylor Swift during most of these activities).