Senior Social Media Account Manager

Matthew Smith is a Senior Social Media Account Manager at Slice Communications. Matt is responsible for creating engaging social media posts, developing content calendars, managing social media ads, and connecting with fans and followers. 

Matt discovered his love of writing while in high school. It was a professor who saw his potential and fostered it. Matt found that his ability to communicate effectively through writing was a passion he couldn’t resist. His enjoyment of communicating comes from his love of teaching others. 

Since graduating from New Jersey City University in 2014, Mat has had the chance to work on a few of the most significant events that have taken place in Philadelphia. First, with the World Meeting of Families 2015, he had a chance to create inspirational content while developing plans and education for emerging social media platforms. Next, during the Democratic National Convention, Matt developed content that promoted the features of Philadelphia and worked with influencers who were able to capture the story of the city. Finally, during the NFL Draft, Matt was on the red carpet creating exciting content while promoting Philadelphia to the people who traveled to the city for the event.  

Before Matt discovered his talent for Social Media Marketing, he attended school to become a teacher. Though he does not spend his days in a classroom now, he still brings the skills he developed to his job every day. He gets the chance to teach his clients and their audience about the world of social media and the campaigns on which he is currently working. 

When Matt isn’t working in the world of digital marketing, he is playing golf to a 7.6 handicap at local courses in Philadelphia and Delaware. He also enjoys learning a new song on his ukulele, a talent he developed to help him focus when the world gets overwhelming. Matt enjoys spending time with his wife and preparing for their first child.