Director of Analytics

Philip Paverd is the Director of Analytics for Slice Communications. Philip has a background in polling analytics and a passion for data. He works with the team to provide deep analytics, coordinate digital ad campaigns, and create content. By consistently analyzing the performance of digital, media, and advertising campaigns, Philip strives to equip the team with the best data possible.

Whether it’s spacesuit manufacturing or retail property management, Philip loves to dive in and learn as much as he can about a client’s industry. By having a deep understanding of our client’s industry, he works with the team to ensure our campaigns are both accurate and understandable.

Philip has always loved the dynamic aspect of analytics tools and how there is always something new to master. He aims to continue learning and expanding his horizons as much as possible. From digital media trends to global politics, there’s always something new to learn.

Born and raised in Delaware, he interned for U.S. Senator Chris Coons and graduated with a degree in political science from the University of Delaware. He loves to travel, play piano, and read political polls.