Director of Quality Assurance

Scott Pruden is the Director of Quality Assurance for Slice Communications. At the heart of everything Scott does is the power of story. He understands how stories engage customers for brands, build followings and change minds, and he understands what reporters and editors need and want to engage, inform and entertain readers. His enthusiasm enables him to craft stories that move readers to action and to similar passion.

Born in South Carolina, Scott’s storytelling journey has taken him through his home state, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Delaware from work beginning as a small-town newspaper reporter to the role of executive editor of Delaware Today magazine. Since leaving the full-time newspaper business in 2004, he has written dozens of freelance articles for magazines and newspapers including The Washington Post and The Philadelphia Inquirer.

As a freelance marketing and PR consultant, Scott has created content for clients in a wide variety of industries through his communications firm Write On Time LLC. Prior to joining Slice, he held the Director of Content Development role at PR and marketing agency GillespieHall.

In his off hours Scott enjoys spending time with his wife and teenage son and daughter, their dog and two guinea pigs; playing bass guitar; reading; traveling; writing fiction and enjoying the outdoors, arts, film and dining in and near his home in West Chester, Pa. His debut novel, Immaculate Deception, was published in 2010 through independent publishing house Codorus Press, which he cofounded. He is currently at work on his second novel.