Incorporate These 10 Tips to Effectively Boost Your Media Placement

Congratulations! You’ve earned a media placement – this is the single most credible and trustworthy marketing material you have to showcase your brand. But bear in mind: a media placement itself is only as good as the scope of people who eventually see it. On this note, it’s time to make sure everyone who should know about it, really does know about it. Here are 10 small, yet effective actions you can take to get the most out of your hard-earned media placement:

  1. Showcase your placement: Have a concise description of the placement including a link to it on your website.
  2. Create a website portfolio: By having the media outlet’s logo on your homepage, you can ultimately establish an “as seen in”- section that will further demonstrate achievement as well as generate credibility.
  3. Spread the word: Next up, you want to share your media placement across your company’s social media channels – don’t forget to tag the reporter, media outlet as well as your individual social media accounts.
  4. Keep on sharing: Repeat step three but this time, use your individual social media channels and tag your company alongside reporters and media outlets.
  5. Tell your colleagues: Ask your leadership team, co-workers and other employees to share your placement on their social media channels and remind them to tag you and your company.
  6. Bring partners on board: Increase you outreach by sending an email to your relevant vendors and partners about the media placement.
  7. Ask them for support: Don’t be shy on this one! Ask your vendors, partners, and other supporters to assist by also sharing it on their social media channels – again: don’t forget to tag your company’s accounts.
  8. Grow your network via email: Write a brief introduction of your placement and send it to relevant email contacts.
  9. Use placement as a boost: Pass it over to your salespeople and encourage them to forward it to their cold and warm leads.
  10. Illustrate achievements: Add your earned media coverage to your future sales and marketing presentations.

As you can see from this list, while earning media coverage is crucial and a great start, it is only step one on your to-do list as a successful marketer. Following these actions, however, will make sure you amplify your efforts to the best of your ability. But remember: having an ace up your sleeve is only as good as the knowledge of how to play it the right way. So, if you’re curious how to leverage your PR efforts and combine it with a fully developed social media strategy that creates meaningful interactions, contact our team here at Slice, where we get people to pay attention to our clients by developing a unique two-way communications strategy that will carry your brand forward.

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