How Data Analytics Will Help Your Company

Written by: Paige Lachman

Today, over 7 billion people in the world use Instagram. By the end of 2022, it is estimated that Facebook will have 176.3 million accounts. But who are your followers following, what are they engaging with, and why are they liking or commenting?  

Social media has become the way people are promoting new products. Whether its how customers react to new products, engage with your brand and others, and talk about you when you are not tagged is growing portion of data analytics for communications. That’s why is becoming increasingly important to use analytical software such as Google Analytics or Hubspot. Some analytics are more helpful than others for helping companies define the psychographics and demographics of your audience and expanding goals. 

Here are some ways you can use data and analytics to achieve your company’s goals:

Creating new content

By using data from Google Analytics and Hubspot, you can create new, engaging content that is consistent with your brand and increases the consumer’s desire to learn more about your company  Understanding your analytics can help you create content that is more engaging to followers. By having this data, you can gain a better sense of what should continue to be implemented or dropped in your strategy.

Providing audience insights through data

Analytics can help you define what is essential and what doesn’t stand out to your consumers and followers. Through insights from the data, you can create a psychographic and demographic profile of the most important audiences that you would like to reach. In addition, these insights can help lead you in a different direction and change your content. The insights can range from age and gender to how they like to get their news and information. Data from analytics can help you create audience-centric campaigns that help nurture relationships and build brand loyalty. 

Getting ahead of the competition

Regardless of your industry, everyone wants to get ahead of their competitors.  By using analytics to understand the characteristics and behaviors of your audience, you can narrow a demographic and compare it to your competitors to have an advantage. Different analytics tools can help you improve your most important metrics. For example, Social Blade can look over your different likes and comments and grade you based on average likes and comments.

By using your company’s analytics to evaluate your strategic communications plan, you can begin to better understand your target audience. Additionally, the data allows you to build smart and achievable goals, such as having a certain amount of impressions or gaining a certain number of followers. By using data analytics, your company’s strategic plan can become successful and help you achieve your goals.

Interested in seeing how your data could help your business? Check out the benefits of analytics and chat with our team!

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