9 Highlights from Social Media Day 2019

Written by: Leo Manning
The #PhillyLovesBilly mural, located outside of Social Media Day 2019.


What better way to start a Philly conference than with an artistic shoutout to the City of Brother Love? Thanks to our friends at EMC Outdoor for sponsoring this amazing masterpiece, completed on-site at the Meeting House! 

Heather Neary, President of Auntie Anne's, presents her opening keynote.

The Human Side of Social Media

Auntie Anne’s President Heather Neary didn’t follow a typical road to being the President of a major company – and that’s why her story resonated with so many! She admitted to having too much fun in college, travelling on a whim and maxing out her credit card. There wasn’t a person in the room that didn’t leave wanting to be her best friend!

Christine Mina, Digital Manager for the Philadelphia Flyers, hosting her Ask Me Anything session.

Gettin’ Gritty with It

This past year, there have been very few iconic phenomena as Philadelphia’s own Gritty. Christine Mina from the Philadelphia Flyers was kind enough to share the story of Gritty and how he came to be, along with taking questions in our Ask Me Anything Room!

Alex Bogden, Social Media Content Manager at Visit Philly, hosts his AMA session.

Ask Me Anythings

This year, we chose to add a fourth type of session to our schedule: Ask Me Anythings. These topics were smaller, more personalized chats that paired experts with a group of attendees to help with issues in their own businesses.

Sarah Marshell of the Quell Foundation presenting her Flash Talk.

Speaking Eloquently on Social when Disaster Strikes

Social media’s range and impact permeates aspects of everyday lives – even the less pleasant parts. The Quell Foundation’s Sarah Marshall emphasized some tips to dealing with more difficult topics, such as mental health, on social media. 

View of the Main Stage room at the Arch Street Meeting House.

Nontraditional Venues for the Win

Anyone can do a conference in a hotel. But why stick to the same old? At Slice, we always aim to get people to pay attention, and holding our event at the Arch Street Meeting House did just that.

Pretzels provided by Philly Pretzel Factory.

Cookies + Pretzels + Snack Bars = Success

With great conferences come greater snacks. This year, we were fortunate to feature amazing snacks from Philly Pretzel Factory, Insomnia Cookies, and KIND to help keep us energized throughout the day!

Natan Edelsburg, COO of Muck Rack, hosting his workshop.

Using Social Media to Effectively Engage with the Press

The workshops were great opportunities to pick the minds of speakers and work with other attendees. Muck Rack COO Natan Edelsberg’s workshop was really insightful about the crossover of public relations and social media and what PR professionals have to know about reporters on social media.

Lola Banjo, Innovation Partner at Salesforce, hosting the closing keynote.

We Are All Influencers

Salesforce Innovation Partner Lola Banjo emphasized the idea that we are all influencers, whether we realize it or not. Everything we choose to support – or decide to ignore – has an impact on those around us.

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