Celebrating Legacy: A Custom Wine Tribute to Spicer-Mullikin’s Century of Compassion | Slice Experimentation Series

Written by: Catarina Carvalho

Slice Communications embraces a philosophy of innovation and openness to new ideas that we call “Yes, And… Energy.” 

Inspired by a common trope in the improv comedy world, “Yes, And…” is a cooperative approach to creative iteration that allows for a constant stream of new ideas that are built and shaped by all involved to reach a satisfying conclusion. We embody this core value in all aspects of our work, as it dovetails nicely with our others: co-pilot energy, goal-oriented focus, and always learning.

Working together with clients and with each other in a spirit of positivity can lead to great – and surprising – results!

During the holiday season, we have the opportunity to reflect on how we can show appreciation for our clients and employees and recognize their hard work. During this magical time, we helped our client, Matthew C. Smith, the owner of Spicer-Mullikin, reflect on the company’s history and the contributions of his employees.

Focusing on the company’s history as the most trusted funeral home and crematory in the state of Delaware, and continuing the practice of providing compassionate, dignified services to families since 1906, we partnered with Stone & Key to create a custom wine as a gift for their annual holiday party. Slice Communications designed the label to showcase the history, impact, and long-lasting memory of Spicer-Mullikin. Additionally, we helped Matthew create a flavor profile for the wine itself that warms your heart, reflecting the feeling that Spicer-Mullikin embodies in their business practices.

After considering a few ideas, we chose to use the rendering of their antique hearse. It is believed to be the oldest of its kind still in existence today and holds a symbolic value that has been passed down by generations of family businesses. Currently, it is on display at Spicer-Mullikin’s Middletown location.

The concept: Our design is simple and modern, using the image of the historic hearse as the focal point. We’ve paired this with the name of the wine, “Nineteen Hundred and Six,” using a beautiful combination of serif and sans serif fonts to create a harmonious feeling.

The name: “Nineteen Hundred and Six” pays tribute to a century of compassionate service. Crafted with the same care and attention that has defined the family-owned funeral home since 1906, the name embodies the spirit of care that has been Spicer-Mullikin’s hallmark for over a hundred years.

The flavor profile: A velvety, bold Cabernet that brings warmth and comfort with every sip. It narrates a tale of dedication and enduring tradition.

The wine description: Introducing Spicer-Mullikin’s Bold Cabernet Nineteen Hundred And Six: A Tribute to a Century of Compassionate Service. Crafted with the same care and attention that has defined our family-owned funeral home since 1906, this rich Cabernet goes beyond the vine, embodying the spirit of care that has been our hallmark for over a hundred years. Cheers to many more years of shared moments and a legacy that lives on in every glass.

The Result: The holiday party was a success, and the wine bottle gift was the highlight of the event. Both the client and the employees were excited to have a physical representation of their work. After reading the description, they felt that their jobs were being recognized and appreciated.

After reflecting on the project, we appreciated how our clients see us as their trusted partners. They look to us for new and exciting projects that not only communicate their company goals and values but also enhance their employer brand communication. We are proud to offer a service that helps clients articulate and communicate their culture to attract the right kind of attention.

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