Email Marketing 101 with Grace: Welcome Emails & Why They’re Important

Written by: Grace Andrake

What is a welcome email?

Simply, a welcome email is an automated email sent to new subscribers and customers welcoming them to your brand. 
So why should you have one? Why do you need one? The best way to explain why a welcome email is so important is to let the data speak for itself: 

So what do these numbers mean? They mean welcome emails are essential to your email marketing strategy and by forgoing one or not optimizing your current one, you are missing a huge opportunity to engage with subscribers and to start the relationship on the right foot. 

By sending a welcome email, you are already meeting the majority of your subscribers’ expectations, establishing your emails’ value, and building trust with the subscriber at the start of their customer journey. 

Through welcome emails, you have the ability to set subscribers’ future expectations by providing the types of content they can expect in their inbox and the frequency they will receive messages.

What To Include in Welcome Emails

With welcome emails being one of the most opened and engaged marketing emails, there are a number of different types of content and messages to include in your email based on your business’s goals. Here are just a few ideas to include to help you get started:

  • Information about your business: who, what, when, where, why, how 
  • A free piece of content to download 
  • A special offer for new subscribers 
  • Links to popular products or services
  • Direct them to your blog, resources page, or more online content they can browse on your website
  • Request for more information to help personalize their experience even more
  • Links to your social media channels 
  • Anything you want your new subscriber to know about your brand

This is your chance to make a good first impression on your subscribers and to highlight the actions you think are essential to having a successful customer journey. You have the opportunity to provide value to your subscribers by providing them with content and information they need to engage with your brand long after the welcome email is sent.

Before you get started on your welcome email, keep in mind some of these best practices and tips: 

  • Send the first email immediately after someone subscribes 
  • Personalize the message and include their name when possible
  • Optimize the subject line
  • Make sure your “from” name is something the subscriber will recognize 
  • Don’t forget to make it mobile-friendly

Not sure where to start with your email marketing?

Welcome emails are meant to be the start of a relationship with subscribers, so be sure to start the relationship the best possible way. Contact our team of email experts today to get your email marketing strategy started. 

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