Most people check their email accounts many, many times a day. So, while it’s important for your company to be in the news and have a strong social media presence, it’s just as important to be proactively reaching out to them with email. As a top email marketing firm based in Philadelphia, Slice Communications can strategically take your company’s email communications to the next level. Our marketing experts will curate email marketing strategies and solutions relevant to your business and audience while increasing brand awareness, keeping your audience informed, and improving conversions. Contact our team of experts today to get started!

Email Marketing in Your Communications Strategy

There are three important roles that good email marketing can (and should) play in your marketing communications strategy: top-of-mind, event attendance, and online sales. Slice Communications can help you establish and strengthen all three elements of your marketing strategy.

  • Top-of-mind – there is so much information clutter in the world today, that many people have a hard time remembering everything; companies that depend on referral and word-of-mouth marketing do better when they’re regularly reminding their targeted audiences how they can help (without being annoying, of course)
  • Event attendance – while social media and PR are great for letting people know about an upcoming event or conference, email is what actually drives signups, ticket sales, attendance, and engagement
  • Online sales – over and over again, we’ve seen there’s nothing better for ecommerce sales than email marketing; sure, social media can and should drive a lot of traffic but email often closes the deal

Our Email Marketing Capabilities

  • Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • List Development & Management
  • Distribution
  • Tool Set-Up
  • Email Automation

Our email marketing capabilities include strategy, content creation, list development and management, distribution and analytics, email tool setup, and email automation creation.

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