While some people believe that email is dying, the Slice team knows that’s not true. According to Litmus, successful email marketing campaigns can boast an ROI of $36 for every dollar spent. When done right, email can create a unique and personalized experience for each subscriber on your list.

But you can’t just snap your fingers and expect to generate massive returns on an email marketing campaign. List management and health is a key part of email marketing that can effectively improve your performance, yet it is often overlooked and forgotten. Furthermore, with legalities like CAN-SPAM, GDPR, and Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection, privacy is at the forefront of email. Organizations need to understand what these entail and how to properly comply, while still delivering relevant content right to inboxes.

How Email Fits in a Communication Strategy

With over 4 billion daily users, there’s a reason email has remained one of the most effective messaging channels. While email marketing can play several roles within an organization, such as with sales and marketing, it can serve as a vital role in your overall marketing communications strategy.

Email Keeps Companies Top of Mind

With so much information in the world, people often get overwhelmed trying to stay on top of everything. Effective email marketing offers companies a way to share their news and expertise with their target audience without cluttering their minds and inboxes. For instance, you can deploy newsletters or announcements sharing industry news and company highlights. Thought leaders can write blogs or create other types of content to be shared through email. This variety of communications keeps you on top of your audience’s mind and can truly resonate with them.

Email Boosts Event Attendance

Email marketing is the most effective marketing tool for events. Beyond sending an email blast announcing your event lineup, email allows you to create and send targeted communications as well. Through automation and segmentation, you can craft tailored emails: one for event attendees, a different one for those who registered but didn’t attend, and another separate message for those who didn’t register at all. This dynamic email marketing reigns supreme in the digital marketing world.  

Email & Lead Nurturing

Once a potential prospect subscribes to your email list, how are you staying engaged in their inbox? Strategically, email marketing is a great way for B2B businesses to engage with these leads and share relevant information that drives them through the traditional sales funnel. Using clear segmenting and tagging guidelines, you can indicate different levels of interest based on website activity and behavior. From there, automated emails can ensure that the right information is going out based on key triggers, like time since engagement and email submission source. Additionally, advancements like dynamic content can allow broadcast campaigns to get customized content based on the level of engagement.

Transactional Emails

While most businesses focus on general email campaigns for promotions or other marketing initiatives, an often missed opportunity is to engage through transactional emails. Whether it’s a receipt for purchase or event details after registration, transactional emails allow businesses to stay connected and relevant to their customers. Plus, establishing consistent branded emails helps increase your awareness, too.

Our Email Marketing Agency Capabilities

Creating and managing your email marketing can be a daunting task for many businesses. That’s why Slice’s team of experts are here to help establish your strategy and set you up for success in generating great returns to meet your business goals.

Email Marketing Strategy

The first step to any effective email marketing plan is having a clearly defined strategy. A good place to start is to see what competitors are doing with their email marketing. Signing up to receive all their email communications helps us learn how they’re using their subscriber lists. What types of automations are in place? Are they sending out newsletters or announcements? Or are they simply collecting emails but doing nothing with them? From there, the Slice team helps create a unified messaging plan to capitalize on those opportunities with strategic tactics.

Email Tool Set-Up

Our email marketing team has worked in so many different email platforms —some of which you probably have never heard of. With our wide range of experience, we are able to work in any of our clients’ platforms to build out email templates, set up tracking appropriately, manage lists, and so much more. Don’t love the platform you’re working with or don’t have one in place? We will be more than happy to make recommendations on a platform that’s right for your company’s goals and help set it up.

List Management and Segmentation

We often find that clients’ email lists are either out of date, scattered across different platforms, not properly segmented, or not even started. Our team works diligently to help clients clean up and consolidate their email lists so they can be used effectively. Having a clean, centralized list of contacts allows us to create custom segments based on your contacts’ information, which in turn lets us send emails with content that resonates best with the specific segment. The Slice team also makes sure your email marketing efforts are compliant with email regulations and all recipients have opted-in to your lists.

Email Automation

Properly set up and targeted email automations can save time and effort for everyone on your marketing team. Automations can make a variety of email strategies easier and more efficient, whether that means setting up emails to be triggered by a subscriber abandoning a cart on your website, or sending a series of welcome emails to new subscribers. No matter what your company’s needs are, the Slice team can help create automations that make marketing easier for you.

Email Content Creation

There are several types of email, including newsletters, announcements, surveys, and targeted content. The Slice team defines which type of broadcast aligns best with your goals and helps create a strategic plan to incorporate them into your marketing. The Slice team also creates branded email templates, allowing us to create emails more quickly and ensure that the look and feel is consistent across all types of email.

Email Analytics and Insights

Email offers so many data points allowing us to really analyze its effectiveness. Our email marketing experts examine our clients’ current email deployments to determine what’s working and what can be improved upon. If A/B testing is necessary the Slice team utilizes segmentation and tagging to test different subject lines, call-to-action buttons, image-heavy vs. text-heavy, and so much more. We keep a close eye on each deployment, pull insights and trends, and make data-based recommendations for future emails.  

Need Help With Your Email Marketing Strategy?

Email marketing isn’t done in the blink of an eye. Implementing and maintaining your email marketing tactics takes time and effort. Connect with the Slice team today to get your email marketing on the right track!