All good communications campaigns are based on relevant, insightful, and actionable content. There must be something to talk with targeted audiences about. The better that information is, the more effective two-way communications will be for growing your business. Learn more about the types of content we focus on below.

5 Types of Content

Written Content

This is the most common form of content and includes blogs, white papers, case studies, eBooks, press releases, etc., and it is the foundation element in effective communication. In addition, written content can be a profitable form of marketing, allowing you to showcase your product in an ideal light. Regularly producing content such as blogs and newsletters can help you retain viewers, and help boost SEO, increasing traffic to your website. We specialize in creating content that is relevant, insightful, and actionable to help your business build awareness and trust with your audience.

Visual Content

As the second most common, visual content includes photos, graphics, infographics, gifs, illustrations, etc. Beyond aesthetics, visual content helps provide people with a lasting memory of the information, increases understanding of the information, and the credibility of your products. Our strategy team helps businesses meet audiences where they are with the right content and messaging to captivate their attention.

Video Content

Becoming more powerful every day, video has become a priority across all media platforms. Video is the most effective way to deliver an emotional message and can be used as a very compelling form of content. You can also use videos in a variety of ways, including social media platforms, live videos, and even webinars, to interact directly with your audience. Our team will work with you to build a strategy that best fits your business and message.

Audio Content

Podcasts, speeches, and radio interviews are gaining popularity due to blockbuster series and the accessibility of the medium. Audio content offers a compelling alternative, allowing users to seamlessly multitask while enjoying audiobooks, podcasts, and more. Furthermore, brands can use audio for innovative marketing campaigns to connect with diverse audiences, regardless of their location. Social media platforms like TikTok effectively use audio to captivate audiences. Embrace the rising wave of audio content for enhanced engagement.

Experiential Content

Crafting an in-person experience for a group of people or an individual is unparalleled. Experiential marketing not only enhances brand awareness and recognition but also draws in new customers. Giving customers one-on-one experiences can create a long-lasting impact, and customers will remember your brand when you offer them a memorable experience. Additionally, this form of content can be easily repurposed into written, video, visual, and audio content as well.

Need Help with Your Content Development Strategy?

Our team at Slice has deep expertise in developing strategies that incorporate a variety of the 5 different types of content for our clients.We are experts at written and some forms of visual content. For video, audio, and experiential content, we depend on a network of sophisticated partners.