Marketing should exist to support growth of the business.  It should never be siloed with goals and objectives that are not directly tied to the business’ most important priorities.  

At Slice, we know that there are 7 business goals that PR, social media, and email marketing can help you achieve:

    • Brand Awareness – more people know that you exist and will support you because you do.
    • Thought Leadership – people know that you’re smart about something that matters to them and will support you because you are.
    • Lead Generation – people express an interest in buying from you or make a purchase.
    • Recruiting – people know your business is great and apply to work for you.
    • Customer Service – customers feel great about supporting you and will continue to support you.
    • Community Relations – people in your geographic region, industry, or peer groups know you, know that you value them, and support you.
    • Market Research – people provide insights into what they think of you, your competitors, your industry, your product, and/or your service.

If you’d like to talk about developing a marketing communications strategy that supports one or more of these business goals, contact us here: