Many companies today find their most pressing challenge is recruiting and retaining the right people. It can be the biggest barrier to growth – bigger than acquiring customers or clients.  

Most marketing and communications have historically been focused on supporting revenue generation via sales and customer loyalty. Internal recruitment teams in human resources have played a crucial role in both hiring and retaining employees. But today, what employees want from their employer and how they consider a job opportunity is changing. They want companies that align with their values, and they validate a company’s authenticity by doing research online.

For that reason, smart companies invest in creating brands for who they are as employers. The best already have strong, well-defined cultures. They just need help articulating and communicating that culture so they get the right kind of attention.


Slice has developed a detailed and thorough approach to defining and promoting employer brands.  We begin with a set of surveys, audits, and worksheets. These help us understand the perception of the culture internally and externally.  They also provide insight into the company’s strengths and priorities.  

From there, we bring marketing, communications, and HR and recruiting together in our First Cut Session.  We spend our time asking questions based on our research in order to identify areas of alignment and disagreement.  In most cases, companies have never done any employer branding exercises, meaning HR and marketing have never worked together in this way before.  

Download our eBook to discover tactics for identifying your employer brand, how to coordinate with Human Resources for a cohesive marketing effort, and more!


  • Strategy – We keep it simple to get started.  We collaborate to identify key audiences, craft brand stories, and set goals. With a roadmap in place, we align everyone on the same page and start making a difference quickly.
  • Training – We work with internal champions to train them in the ways of digital communications with our custom marketing training workshops.
  • Corporate Communications – We can manage social media, email marketing, and PR to promote the company as a great place to work.  We also help with speaking opportunities and awards.
  • Champion Communications – We work with individual champions and spokespeople to step up their game on social media, at conferences, and in the media.
  • Facilitation and Measurement – We host monthly meetings between HR and marketing, provide reports, and help remove barriers to success. We believe that measuring success is an ongoing journey dedicated to learning and improving.

Need Help with Your Recruitment and Retention?

Creating an employer brand isn’t easy, and does not happen overnight. The Slice team is here to help develop a strong and comprehensive process dedicated to helping change a company’s trajectory.