Embracing Yes, And… Energy | Slice Experimentation Series

Written by: Tony Sadowski

Experimentation in marketing couldn’t be more important! If you want to get attention, you have to stand out from the crowd. To get a new reaction from your audience, you have to surprise them with an approach designed to elicit a different response.

In his book The Creative Act: A Way of Being, iconic record executive and producer Rick Rubin states:

Challenging, isn’t it?

In the marketing world, we do love our Best Practices. Slice is known for its 5 Types of Attention model, after all!

And it’s true that some rules or guidelines, when applied strategically, can actually add the focus needed to drive great creative work. Think of rules as tools, layers to be used as needed, but only in ways that enhance your work or drive progress and never in ways that restrict your creative thinking.

Do we experiment recklessly? Of course not! It’s done with goals and an intended audience in mind. Don’t think of it as taking a shot in the dark; think of it as Experimenting with Purpose.

Slice Communications embraces a philosophy of innovation and openness to new ideas that we call “Yes, And… Energy.”

Inspired by a common trope in the improv comedy world, “Yes, And…” is a cooperative approach to creative iteration that allows for a constant stream of new ideas that are built and shaped by all involved to reach a satisfying conclusion.

We embody this core value in all aspects of our work, as it dovetails nicely with our others: co-pilot energy, goal-oriented focus, and always learning.

Working together with clients and with each other in a spirit of positivity can lead to great – and surprising – results.

Slice created the Experimentation Series for two reasons:

  1. To inspire outside-the-box thinking and encourage you to find creative solutions that excite you, your clients, and your target audiences
  2. To showcase the kind of special projects and big ideas that are possible when clients trust you and are willing to travel into uncharted territory – not recklessly, but with an understanding of the data and a willingness to learn – for a chance to experience something unique.

Are you encouraged by your leadership, colleagues, and clients to take big swings when the opportunity arises? What’s an unusual project you’re especially proud to have worked on, and what made it so electrifying?

Let’s embrace the spirit of Experimenting with Purpose, and make a commitment to surprise and delight!

Contact Slice and we can work together to identify creative twists that will add fresh energy to even your regular communications!

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