Threading the Needle: Top 5 Tips for Success on Threads

Written by: Jenna Jenkins

In July of 2023, Threads was introduced. While the app felt similar to other platforms like X, it felt foreign in several other ways. Many flocked to Threads, put out a few posts, got confused, and then vanished. Many did that but then actually came back, tried some new tactics, and saw growth. It was a complete and utter experiment of trial and error. As the months have passed, I have seen exponential growth on various accounts; from my personal to Slice to client accounts. 

Through actively living in the app, researching, listening, and changing strategies, our agency is finally at a place where we use Threads daily. Here’s a short guide of the top 5 ways you can ensure you’re threading the needle on Threads:

Threads Makes Its Own Rules and Has Its Own Trends

When I first joined Threads in late July, the For You page on my personal account was practically the same as all of my colleagues. I played around to try and change them to cater to various interests, but there was not much improvement. I didn’t know how to properly fix this, as there was no handbook or best practice on how to use this 2-week-old app. There wasn’t a way to track analytics and data, so I had nothing to pull from either. I would make a post with a photo and CTA and it would garner no likes. I felt like I couldn’t understand Threads because Threads didn’t understand Threads…until October when the Algorithm Trend popped up and I realized what this platform is. 

During these early days, there were no hashtags…and there still technically aren’t. On this app, hashtags are called ‘topic tagging’ and only one tag is allowed per post. Interesting. Like other platforms, you can tag other accounts. However, you have the ability to tag Instagram accounts on Threads as well. Interesting. The official Threads account consistently posts “Thriendly Tips” where they share tips to users on how to navigate the app to see growth. Interesting. 

The Algorithm trend was the first trend I took note of that was living only on Threads.

So, Slice hopped on the trend. We immediately saw more engagement on this post than any other content prior on this platform. And all we were doing was stating exactly what we wanted to see.

Within a few hours, all of the For You pages on each individual’s account were updated to reflect words and emojis used in the Algorithm Trend posts. This app was actually listening to what users wanted to see and updating accordingly. Interesting.

All of these observations had been pieced together and I realized that Threads is a true breath of fresh air. The only way I was going to succeed and ensure success for clients on Threads was if I stopped treating it like other platforms, quit the comparisons, and gave in to the uniqueness. 

Community-Oriented and Conversation-Led

People want to hear what you have to say. Whether it’s an introspective take on a niche topic or your own spin on a silly trend. 

While it may feel like you’re screaming into the void at first, you’ll soon feel right at home with how casual Threads can be.

Importance of Personas

Something quite unique about Threads is the way the majority of brands position themselves. They are never the ‘brand’ but rather the thing the brand is most known for. 

For example, Ritz Crackers posts are all from the perspective of, you guessed it, a cracker. Beyond Meat takes a spin on this by constantly calling out the fact that a social media manager runs the page and is pretending to be “a little cow.” Many other accounts play on the “silly social media manager” act, from Kayak to the US Postal Service.

Having a persona, whether it is a specific mascot or personality trait you want to encapsulate is incredibly beneficial on Threads to decipher your brand. 

Marry Engagement 

Interacting with other accounts will increase your visibility and boost engagement. Because Threads is still so new, larger brands aren’t seeing as high of numbers. They too are yearning for likes and comments; it’s a two-way street.

Slice Communications’ Threads has seen engagement from well-known brands, such as Instagram for Business, Trip Advisor, Toys R Us, and Link Tree.

Don’t be scared to tag accounts. You never know what social media manager working for a famous brand will be lurking in their notifications. Once an account with a larger following interacts with yours, this creates a larger reach by boosting your account.

Experiment, Experiment, Experiment!

Threads is ever-changing, which means your brand must be able to try new things and adapt when necessary. Some of Slice’s most successful content on this platform has been short, funny, and relatable posts.

Threads is innovative, and in a way that has been rare the past few years in the social media world. It has felt like we have been lacking this magical gem, but once handed it we treated it like any other rock.

Your brand’s approach to Threads should be unique because the channel itself is unique.

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