How a Question Led to a Campaign

Written by: Cass Bailey

“Hey, Mom! What does a CEO do?” 

Inspired by her daughter’s question, and realizing there were no books for children whose moms have difficult-to-explain jobs, Slice Communications CEO Cass Bailey wrote one about her job – and the first “My Mom is…” book was born. 

Other titles followed, including My Mom is a CFO, …CIO, …COO, …CMO, …Director of Client Service, …Doctor, …Lawyer, …Lobbyist, …Salesperson, …Nonprofit Executive Director. And they got noticed. Amazon now carries several in the My Mom is… book series, which deciphers the alphabet-soup-jargon of C-suite and other working mother roles for kids to understand. 

It also inspired a social media campaign – a perfect opportunity to showcase a Slice service offering.

Social Media Success

The message was perfect for a modern twist on a Mother’s Day social media campaign. For several weeks, culminating the day after Mother’s Day, Slice ran a series of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts about the My Mom is… book series that also encouraged people to ask their mothers questions about their work stories. 

The impact went beyond educating children about their moms’ “office” jobs to an appreciation of the many roles open to women and the growing number of women who now hold leadership roles. 

The campaign clearly hit home, with likes, shares and comments across the platforms! Why? This new angle on a holiday focused on appreciating Mom, for one. The personal relevance to all our social audiences, for another.

And let’s not forget the role of fun, eye-catching graphics! Highly visual, personalized, shareable, and fun is the perfect combination for a successful campaign.

The Write Stuff

This campaign also underscored that Slice Communications knows how to create, collaborate on and write successful books! Making complicated topics accessible to new audiences is a favorite content service of ours – and we’ve managed quite a few interesting project topics sent by clients. 

Whether it’s books for parents to read with their child about managing grief (It’s Ok to be Sad – So Let’s Talk About It) or dealing with a bully (Be a Buddy, Not a Bully), or community outreach literature that explains the electric grid (The Electricity Explorers) – we know how to write and illustrate collateral that entertains as it educates.

Our growing team offers more creative services than ever. What idea can Slice help you bring to life?

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