International Women’s Day with Leigh Labrie, Novocure

As a woman-owned business, we are honored to share the stories and messages of incredible woman leaders across a variety of industries for our International Women’s Day blog series.

This interview is with Leigh Labrie, Director of Corporate Communications at Novocure.

Why do you think it’s important to celebrate International Women’s Day?

I believe it is important to celebrate women every day. Observances like International Women’s Day can be a special reminder of the importance that women contribute to the world and of the necessity for equality. International Women’s Day can empower women to recognize their own power and push against attempts to limit or diminish that power.

What motivates you to be a leader in your industry?

I have been a leader most of my life. It wasn’t something I actively thought about doing as a child. I knew I wanted to live differently and that there was no paved path I could follow. To live authentically, I had to chart my own way. For me, being a leader isn’t about others following me or living life like I do. It’s about creating something meaningful that a group of people cares about and advocating for shared values to have fulfilling life experiences.

I have always been motivated by growth – personal, professional, the growth of a company and the inherent potential in all of us. I recognized in my adult life that to live the life I imagined, I had to lead myself.

Are there any female leaders that have inspired you throughout your career?

Three of my four managers in my career have been women. I learned different things from each. I am grateful to have worked with my current manager for more than seven years. In the time that I’ve worked with her, she has grown in her career to become chief financial officer. Through working with her, I have learned how to grow in my career in new ways, and I value the trust and partnership we’ve built in our time working together.

I am also inspired by women who demonstrate strength and use their voices and power for good.

What advice or message would you share with young women who are looking to build their careers?

I would say to first hone a craft or skill set that you care about. Develop it as much as you can and make choices along the way that are authentic to you. If you uncover and stay true to your passion, you will create value in the experience you bring to any company. Together, passion and well-developed expertise become very valuable. Build trusting relationships that are based on reciprocity. Learn to quiet or ignore any voice – whether internal or external – that diminishes your value or limits your potential. Take full charge of your own life to discover and live your purpose.

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