International Women’s Day feature with Nicole Heverly, Univest Financial Corporation

As a women-owned business, we are honored to highlight women who are incredible leaders in marketing and communications across a wide variety of industries. Each year on International Women’s Day we share an interview series celebrating these women and sharing their stories. 

This interview is with Nicole Heverly, SVP and Director of Corporate Communications at Univest Financial Corporation.

How do you define your leadership?

My leadership is defined by being an advocate for my team. That means I not only champion career growth, serve as a mentor and provide the resources we need for success, but I also roll up my sleeves to help prioritize day-to-day tasks and get the work done. I want to empower my team with the knowledge they need to run with a project while being a readily available resource. Collaboration is key! I strive to be a leader who inspires my team to embrace change and encourages a growth mindset.

How has your leadership changed in the past year?

As we’ve continued to navigate remote working due to the pandemic, it was even more important to be purposeful about checking in with team members and maintaining our culture. I made it a priority to create personal connections and not just focus on the work. As I gain more experience as a leader, I continue to improve my ability to delegate – out of necessity and to create opportunities for my team members to grow and evolve.

Can you share a story that demonstrates a key learning for you in your leadership journey?

When my former boss decided to move on to a new opportunity, she was purposeful about setting me up for success and using her departure as an opportunity for career growth. She had always been an advocate for me and taught me so much with her hands-on, collaborative approach. Before she left, she made sure executives knew I was a great candidate to fill her role. She also coached me to ensure I maximized the opportunity. Her guidance has been invaluable and her leadership style is one I try to emulate. She recognized my capabilities and ambition and continually provided opportunities to expand my responsibilities. I am grateful for the impact she has had on me both professionally and personally. Hopefully, I can pay it forward with my team.

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