Interview with Tracey Welson-Rossman, Chariot Solutions/TechGirlz

For this year’s International Women’s Day, our team at Slice is proud to celebrate women across the marketing and communications industry through an interview series.

This interview is with Tracey Welson-Rossman, the Chief Marketing Officer at Chariot Solutions and the Founder of TechGirlz. Read our full interview series here.

How do you define your leadership?

I believe a leader sets a clear vision and direction for their team. From there, each team member creates their execution plan and communicates successes or set backs. This allows for autonomy, collaboration, and shared goals.

How has your leadership changed in the past year?

This past year, it is even more important to elicit ideas from the entire team because no one has been through a pandemic before. Being even more open to new ideas and new ways of creating opportunities is what has changed. 

Can you share a story that demonstrates a key learning for you in your leadership journey?

When I ran TechGirlz, I was the leader of one company while I was executing on the CEO’s vision at Chariot. I began to understand that my leadership style was different than Chariot’s CEO’s. Neither one is better than the other, but each one can take pointers from the other. 

Who do you follow on social media that you would recommend to other women leaders?

  • @6gems
  • @techgirl1908

Thank you to Tracey for taking part in our interview series. And be sure to read the entire series!

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