Interviews for International Women’s Day 2021

For this year’s International Women’s Day, our team at Slice is proud to celebrate women across the marketing and communications industry. Below, read the insights from 19 experts. 

Carmen Collins, Cisco

“I’m not perfect. I make mistakes. But I value my role as a team leader and put time into leadership as a skill just as any skill.”

— Carmen Collins

Alia Kemet, McCormick & Company

“Winning is about the entire team thriving and building a culture that celebrates everyone’s diverse strengths while driving unprecedented business results.”

— Alia Kemet

Lu Ann Cahn, I Dare Me, LLC & Klein College of Media and Communication, Temple University

“It’s hard to ask others to dare, if we aren’t daring ourselves and so we must walk that walk as leaders.”

— Lu Ann Cahn

Elizabeth Walsh, Women’s Business Enterprise Center-East

“The important part of the word leadership to me is the “ship.” Partnership, fellowship, guardianship, citizenship, nonpartisanship, membership, championship. These “ship” words represent to me inclusivity and the embracing of all folks and ideas.”

— Elizabeth Walsh

Brandi Boatner, IBM

“With the support of family, friends, and work colleagues, I realized in one of my “coronacoaster” moments that being vulnerable during this historic time was ok. It was not only acceptable but it was appreciated.”

— Brandi Boatner

Queen Muse, Queen Muse LLC

“I find that the more I pass my knowledge on to others, I find myself on the receiving end of those more experienced than me, passing along their gems for me to learn and grow from. It’s a beautiful circle of sharing.”

— Queen Muse

Ivy Brown, TD Bank

“Recognizing that each of us is unique and has a valuable role to play in your life or on your work team and you, as a leader, owe everyone kindness and respect in pursuit of shared goals.”

— Ivy Brown

Diana Lu, Germantown Info Hub

“To me, leaders work with a team and their larger community, so being able to connect, inspire, and organize people is crucial. But so is understanding the strategy and restraint to make decisions that will have lasting impact.”

— Diana Lu

Katie Kristofic, SPI Pharma

“I started leading the way I parent and this is not to be confused with treating colleagues like children. It is all about fostering growth and exploration. That is how people shine and do their best work.”

— Katie Kristofic

Angela McIver, Trapezium Math

“I believe in running my company using democratic principles of engagement. Team members are encouraged to take risks, voice opinions and offer solutions to challenges we face.”

— Angela McIver

Danielle Ruess, Wizeline

“From the outside looking in, my style is more ‘participative’ – while I may have more years of experience and a vision in mind, I find that some of the best outcomes are driven by including the entire team’s ideas and insights.”

— Danielle Ruess

Tracey Welson-Rossman, Chariot Solutions & TechGirlz

“I believe a leader sets a clear vision and direction for their team. From there, each team member creates their execution plan and communicates successes or set backs. This allows for autonomy, collaboration, and shared goals.”

— Tracey Welson-Rossman

Melony Roy, WHYY

“The mental health of my team is just as important as their physical health. I check in often sometimes just to say hi and talk about what show they’re watching.”

— Melony Roy

Cara Schneider Bongiorno, VISIT PHILADELPHIA® 

“I try to help myself and others strip away the rote, the things you think you’re expected to say and do, and tease out more original ways of expression.”

— Cara Schneider Bongiorno

Dineo Thompson, Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel LLP

“In the end, I want to foster a culture that values the celebration of successes, learning from failure, and create an environment where people feel valued. The result: a team effort that produces at levels greater than the sum of its parts.”

— Dineo Thompson

Lisa Peskin, Business Development University, LLC

“I came to realize that you can’t necessarily ‘cookie cutter’ people. Everyone has their own strengths and areas of opportunity, and each one can get from point A to point B utilizing very different routes.”

— Lisa Peskin

Megan Coyne, Office of Governor Phil Murphy

“The pandemic has emphasized the importance of creativity – with unconventional, humorous posts on our State of New Jersey accounts, we’ve been able to help maintain a sense of community and solidarity amongst New Jerseyans during a time where we’re physically distant..”

— Megan Coyne

Haniya Shariff, PRSSA National

“I believe it’s important to listen to different perspectives and nuggets of wisdom to discover solutions that better serve all members and meet their needs.”

— Haniya Shariff

Kristy DelMuto, LLR Partners

“I’ve always believed in actions speaking for themselves, so I would hope others see my leadership as demonstrating the behaviors that will enable them to grow into leaders, too.”

— Kristy DelMuto

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