Interview with Ivy Brown, TD Bank

For this year’s International Women’s Day, our team at Slice is proud to celebrate women across the marketing and communications industry through an interview series.

This interview is with Ivy Brown, the SVP, Head of Brand and Community Marketing at TD Bank. Read our full interview series here.

How do you define your leadership?

I have tried to practice being an inclusive leader so as to incorporate different points of view that draw upon diverse experiences of others. I’m also driven to be decisive when necessary after listening and being thoughtful about the risks versus rewards framing. 

How has your leadership changed in the past year?

Yes most certainly. I’d hope that my team would tell you if they were asked that I have become more focused on being an empathetic leader recognizing that we each are dealing with very challenging yet unique situations during the pandemic. 

Can you share a story that demonstrates a key learning for you in your leadership journey?

I read a quote a few years ago and it really struck a chord with me — “Be kind, for everyone is fighting a hard battle”. Recognizing that each of us is unique and has a valuable role to play in your life or on your work team and you, as a leader, owe everyone kindness and respect in pursuit of shared goals. It can be hard to practice patience and understanding when the going gets tough but you must rise to the occasion as you set a motivating and inspiring tone with your colleagues. 

Who do you follow on social media that you would recommend to other women leaders?

Ellevest – an investment advisor firm run by women for women. Empower yourself to be knowledgeable and in control of your financial journey.

Thank you to Ivy for taking part in our interview series. And be sure to read the entire series! 

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