Interviews for International Women’s Day

For this year’s International Women’s Day, our team at Slice is proud to celebrate women across the marketing and communications industry through an interview series.

Below, check out some of our highlight quotes and the full list of interviews.

Lauren Sallata, Panasonic Corporation of North America

Learn to walk in your customers’ shoes. It’s important to know your organization and the industry, have relationships in the industry, and understand the business. If you put the work in, the results will come.

Melinda Welsh, JP Morgan Chase

I have learned over the years that saying “yes” to new experiences is key. Don’t be too worried about the path you think you should be on, and instead be open to possibilities.

Ali McCarthy, Brinker Capital

Be confident/act confident. A key learning in my leadership journey was realizing these concepts are actually the same.

Nysha King, Healthmonix

I’ve learned through many experiences that it’s not enough to work hard or even demonstrate consistent results. You really need a manager that prioritizes those KPIs, recognizes your potential and is invested in helping you get to the next level.

Melanie Hidalgo-Britt, Coded by Kids

The way marketing communications is typically done in non-profits minimizes its usefulness in growth and creating opportunity. Coming from a corporate environment and utilizing typical for-profit strategy and tactics for Coded by Kids is novel and it shouldn’t be.

Carolina Lobo, Interim HealthCare / Caring Brands International

Learn your industry. Learn the drivers and live and breathe what moves the P&L of your business. If you don’t have that foundational understanding, all you’ll ever be accused of is “a fun campaign” or a “slick idea.”

Wanda Motley Odom, The M.O. Group

Read, read, read and watch, watch, watch. Be a voracious consumer of media — so that you can become confident in forming your own judgments about what works and what doesn’t.

Sharon Lawler-Sudell, International Schools Services

Marketing communications has to be omnipresent. It’s about so much more than a logo or a flyer. It’s the very air that courses through an organization that creates and honors the relationship with a customer.

Sharen Nocella, Chartwell Law

Empowering my team to make decisions, be creative, and take ownership of their roles is a much better way to lead, as it engenders trust and the team becomes more invested in the outcome.

Sarah Ohanesian, Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs

Good leaders adapt to the needs of the individuals on their team. Everyone works a little differently and that requires different management styles.

Deirdre Childress Hopkins, Visit Philadelphia & Philadelphia Public Relations Association

Marketing communications is constantly evolving. Our goal is to find the smartest way to deliver the best message to our stakeholders and customers. It is our job to learn and explore new and emerging opportunities.

Rhona Bronson, Delaware River & Bay Authority

I’ve learned that marketing needs to be marketed within the organization from senior leadership on down and, like all audiences, internal stakeholders need to know why something is a benefit for them.

Mary Yanocha, Global Tax Management, Inc.

I believe that respect for others and the tone you set for yourself helps fuel the energy and motivations of others around you.

Amanda Harrell, Invicro LLC

Leadership is a willingness to challenge the status quo, a desire to empower an entrepreneurial environment without the fear of failure, and a spirit of integrity that guides the development of individuals and helps them advance their careers.

Amy Frazier, PwC

There is no ‘right way’ to accomplish a goal. There are ‘individual ways’ that create a diversity of thought and more innovative solutions.

Ellen Ragone, Weber Gallagher

Use your voice and use it loudly.

Andrea Malone, White and Williams LLP

Always be curious and learning. Explore the various types of roles marketing offers so you can find what you enjoy most.

Lisa Stephano, The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

Marketing is not simply a support system for the organization; it is a driver of innovation and strategy.

Kelly Waltrich, Orion Advisor Solutions

For me, leadership has evolved beyond the workplace to take into account what’s going on in the lives of my team members, to understand how that affects the way they approach their jobs, what motivates them and how they measure success in their role and ultimately in their lives.

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