What Should I Post? Tips On Digging Out From a Social Media Slump

Written by: Caroline Hromy

Lets face it: running a social media platform for your business can be hard. Between managing  your actual business and balancing multiple accounts, like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Youtube, etc., it can become a struggle to think of new, creative posts to share with your audience. When this happens, you might find yourself falling into a slump where your posts are repetitive and you’re just posting for the sake of having something new on the page. If you feel this fits you and your business, and you’re asking, “what should I post,” or you are looking for some new ideas of how you can freshen up posts for your business accounts, check out the list below for some tips.

How Often Should I Post?

When managing your accounts, you may wonder: how much is too much when posting on social media? This can be an ongoing struggle for businesses when they are deciding when they should post. Here are some suggestions for how often you should post based on what platform you are using. 

NOTE: Remember to keep in mind who your audience is and what your business goals are. Make sure you monitor your social media analytics and continue to test and repeat to see what will truly work for you and your brand!

  • Facebook: When posting on Facebook, 1-2 posts a day is a good schedule to follow. This keeps your followers engaged while also not overwhelming them with too many posts. However, organic engagement with these posts can be dependent on the number of followers you have. In a study done by Hubspot, Facebook accounts with more than 10,000 followers benefitted from posting twice a day while accounts with less than 10,000 followers did not find any benefits from posting more frequently. In fact, for accounts with less followers, it can lead to fewer engagements. Make sure that you check out your followers and social media analytics to see what will work best for your business.
  • Twitter: Deciding how many tweets to post a day can be controversial. Some people say tweeting a lot, about 20 times a day, is an effective way to communicate, while others believe tweeting 3 times a day works just as well. Tweets also tend to have a short life, since there are so many sent out daily. To get a good benchmark for your target audience, start by tweeting at least once a day, along with some retweets throughout the day. This way, you can monitor  your message and adjust frequency to see if you’re really reaching – or totally oversaturating – your audience. 
  • LinkedIn: For posting on LinkedIn, it is recommended that you post once a day. Since LinkedIn is used mainly for business purposes, make sure you post during the week and in the mornings, when most people are scrolling through the platform.
  • Instagram: When posting to your  Instagram grid, it is better to post 1-2 times a day. Vary your content between photos and videos in order to keep your audience engaged. Make sure when you are posting on Instagram that you try not to post all your content at once and then disappear from your account for long periods of time; consistent posting leads to increased engagement. And if you feel like you have enough content to post more than twice in a day, test out the newest material in an Instagram Story to see how your audience responds. 

What Should I Post?

Who are you as a company? What service or product do you provide? Are you offering a sale on your service or product? Do you have any new products or services that you are providing? These are some basic questions you can ask yourself when you are thinking of what you can post on your accounts. You could answer these questions by using pictures of a product you provide, graphics on the services you offer, or even links to your website where customers can learn more about your company and what you do. Some additional options include:

  • Employee Spotlights: Who works for your company? Employee spotlights are a great way to introduce your staff to the world and show that the people who work for your company are not just nameless people: they all have outside interests and individual reasons why they started and why they love to work for your company. Highlighting them will show your clients who your employees are and that they are normal people, just like them.
  • Third Party Industry News: Whether you own a dog grooming business or an insurance company, there are always articles being posted about updates in different industries. If you are struggling to think of a new post, provide a link and photo to an article that pertains to your company’s mission and goals. Not only does this provide viewers with more information on what your company does, it also shows them what your company stands for. Also, if your company is ever mentioned in industry news, post about it! Showing people who is talking about you and what they are saying can help your business.
  • Engagement Posts: One way to interact with your audience is through engagement posts. By asking your audience questions, you can interact with your customers and generate engagement. If you are selling a product, ask who has made a purchase and what their opinion on the product is. If you offer a service, ask your audience how they felt about their service? What did they like?
  • Social Media Holidays: Another post that will get engagement from your audience is posting about Social Media Holidays. Everyday there is a new holiday that can be celebrated. Check out what holidays are happening and how it is relevant to your business. To learn more about posting for social media holidays, check out our blog post on why they matter.
  • User Generated Content: When in doubt, go with user generated content! User generated content (UGC) is great to post on all social platforms since it shows potential customers what real people think about the product or service you are providing. Take a quick look through hashtags and posts you are tagged in on social media to see what your customers are posting and see what you would want to post about on your account.

By following these steps, you will be creating fun, original content for your social media accounts in no time!

Get Help Planning Your Social Media

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