Interview with Brandi Boatner, IBM

For this year’s International Women’s Day, our team at Slice is proud to celebrate women across the marketing and communications industry through an interview series.

This interview is with Brandi Boatner, the Manager, Digital and Advocacy Communications at IBM. Read our full interview series here.

How do you define your leadership?

My leadership is one of authenticity and sass. I am unapologetically myself and lead this way. I was raised by a phenomenal woman who taught me to always be my authentic self no matter what others say or think. I try and lead by living my truth and inspiring others women, especially Black women to do the same. 

How has your leadership changed in the past year?

My leadership has definitely changed over the past year given the current climate. My personal growth during the pandemic has also influenced my professional growth during this time. After watching the events of the summer unfold I was charged with a new role at work – leading our social justice communications efforts. I have learned so much and had an opportunity to really drive impact and change in a new position focused on advocacy communications.

Can you share a story that demonstrates a key learning for you in your leadership journey?

The year 2020 was challenging for most people. At the very beginning of the pandemic, I was faced with so much fear, anxiety, confusion and uncertainty. With the support of family, friends, and work colleagues, I realized in one of my “coronacoaster” moments that being vulnerable during this historic time was ok. It was not only acceptable but it was appreciated. I found in my leadership journey that being vulnerable and leaning on others for support and to stay present actually makes you a stronger leader.

Who do you follow on social media that you would recommend to other women leaders?

  • Mimi Rocha
  • Symone Sanders
  • Ava Duvernay
  • Michelle Obama
  • Beyonce
  • Bozoma St. John
  • Erika Brown

Thank you to Brandi for taking part in our interview series. And be sure to read the entire series!

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