Maximizing the Value of Your Webinar Content

Written by: Cassandra Bailey

We’ve seen a surge of organizations developing and putting out webinars for people who want to continue their own professional development and learning during this time. 

Since we are seeing an increase in webinar content, Slice Communications wanted to share some tips on how to best use your webinar and get the most value out of it in terms of your thought leadership and marketing/communications

Utilize the recording.

When you’ve completed your webinar, hopefully you will have a recording of it. The first thing you want to do is put the recording on your website, and send an email to the people who registered letting them know that the recording is posted. 

From there, you can take the recording and chop it up into two 30-second soundbites. The soundbites can be posted on your social media channels and then link back to the webpage where people can view the entire video if they choose. 

Turn your webinar into blog posts.

You may want to have someone else within your organization view the webinar and then create blog posts based on things that you’ve shared in it. Some people would rather read something than watch a video, and some people prefer to do both. You can also share these blog posts via email and your social media channels. 

Use webinar content to land a media placement. 

You will likely be sharing a lot of insights and practices on how people can do their jobs better or continue to help their communities. Your content may also be a great basis for an article in a trade publication, local newspaper, broadcast segment, or a national media outlet. 

You will want to share some of the things that are valuable from your webinar with reporters who may be interested in covering that topic. Maybe their readers, viewers or listeners could benefit from expertise in that specific area. 

That being said, think about your webinar and the value that you have to add and how you can leverage that beyond just the event itself. 

If you need help leveraging your webinar content, we can help. Contact us at, and we’ll be sure to reply immediately.

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