Getting to Know Your Nextdoor Neighbors: Questions Answered About Nextdoor

Written by: Alexandra Palumbo

From small to large businesses, support from local communities can help amplify growth in one’s company, and creating positive relationships directly with your neighbors is essential. This new platform is something businesses should consider when optimizing their social media strategies and building relationships with their communities. So, what is Nextdoor?

What is Nextdoor?

Nextdoor is an app that connects neighbors to each other efficiently and virtually. From local businesses to news outlets, or neighbors looking for updates , or new connections, Nextdoor provides users with the opportunity to meet and engage with their surrounding community members.

What Makes Nextdoor Different?

There is a verification process to ensure that people are real and actual neighbors. Nextdoor has multiple categories for members to post on, including urgent alerts, recommendations for sale and free goods, and crime & safety. It allows users to control their settings based on the type of messages they want to receive. With the “Nearby Neighborhoods” feature, users can also communicate with other neighborhoods.

Is Nextdoor Available Everywhere?

Nextdoor is currently available in over 11 countries and 275,000 neighborhoods globally (as of writing). This allows businesses to join communities where they are located and to establish growth in that community. 

Why should my business join Nextdoor?

Nextdoor can be beneficial to many people, including local businesses. There are many opportunities to connect with the community and establish positive relationships. Before joining Nextdoor as a business, you need to join as a community member.

From there, you can create a business profile. Once verified, you can run ads, share special offers, create a reputation, and engage with local community members. This is a great platform to grow your local presence and connect at a local level, and as a business, you can reach your customers and become a trusted partner with the community. 

Where can my business page be seen?

If you set up your business page as an individual, you can change your setting so that anyone on or off of Nextdoor can view the page. Additionally, if your business has been recommended by a neighbor, it will show up on their group page.  

What are some ways I can promote my business?

There are 3 types of advertising opportunities:

1. Local Deals:

Local Deals allow businesses, neighbors offering services, and Neighborhood Sponsors to share promotions with their neighbors. The prices for a Local Deal can start as low as $1.

2. Neighborhood Sponsorship:

Businesses can purchase a Neighborhood Sponsorship, and with this sponsorship, these businesses can create automated ad placements on Nextdoor and post to the Newsfeed in targeted ZIP codes.  

3. Sponsored Posts for national brands

Sponsored posts are created by businesses that are participating in the paid advertising program. This type of advertising is only available for larger regional or national businesses, and the minimum spend commitment is $25,000 a month.

Want to learn more about Nextdoor?

Organizations need to understand the impact local communities can have and deliberate if this platform will benefit their business. See how our team of social media experts can help you navigate your way through Nextdoor or see what other platforms can work best for you.

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