The Executive Branding Imperative: Why You Need Your Own Marketing Plan

Written by: Cass Bailey

Marketing is behind any successful business or organization. It should also be behind their successful executives. Slice CEO Cass Bailey shares the three reasons why executives need their own marketing plans and resources. 

I don’t think I’ve met a successful executive who does not recognize the contribution marketing makes to their organization’s success. Yet, I know many leaders who overlook the importance of executive marketing. 

Executive marketing is separate from, but complementary to, your organization’s marketing and communications. It focuses on building an executive brand around your role as a leader.

If you’re an executive and you’re not building and promoting your executive brand, here are three key reasons why you need a strategic marketing plan and the resources to execute that plan. 

Reason #1: Your influence and expertise should be amplified.

You wield incredible influence that can be used to positively influence customers, investors, advocates, and policymakers, as well as your own employees. The strong, silent type may be a good cliché for romance novels but not for executives. You’ve also acquired extensive expertise and unique perspectives that can be used to differentiate your organization and further strengthen its credibility. 

Research shows that the Forbes Top 100 companies have at least one executive with their own digital/social presence. Your influence and expertise should be amplified through a smart marketing investment with defined objectives.

Reason #2: You’ll lead by example.

You’ll set an example for other executives and emerging leaders within your organization. They’ll see that you are actively and personally involved in your organization’s strategic marketing and communications efforts, including a really smart executive marketing plan. Your actions will reinforce the importance of marketing and inspire others to support those efforts. 

Reason #3: You can expand your impact.

You can have a positive impact that goes beyond your company’s marketing department’s responsibilities. You have the opportunity to position yourself as a thought leader, expanding your influence. 

Your ambitions may include putting your personal support behind a new product, service, or initiative. 

Or you want to bring more attention to a cause that’s important to you. Chances are you’re involved in professional or trade associations, nonprofits, or boards where you have an important voice. 

You need your own plan and your own team to get those things done.

I would love to talk to you more about this. Yes…you, reading right now! This is my email. Reach out today and make a resolution to invest in yourself and your company with your own executive marketing communications plan. 

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