The Threads “Dear Algorithm…” Trend


Are you using it?

No, this is not one of those tired, “Is anyone still using Threads?” posts that users who haven’t embraced Meta’s social platform fire off when they pop in once every 8 weeks.

It’s a genuine question – are you really using it?

Twitter/X continues to be unstable and we’re seeing massive drops across the board for clients still posting there as if it’s not a raging dumpster fire. Even if you had built a decent following there over the years, chances are the actual ROI has noticeably diminished.

Those of us who have waded into the Threads waters past getting our toes wet have probably noticed two things.

1) Conversation is Currency

Remember how we used to sneer at quote Tweets? Well,  they’re the only way to assure someone will see something you’re sharing on Threads. Adding your thoughts on a shared post is, in fact, encouraged!

You have to comment!

Replies are vitally important to being heard. You can’t just shout into the abyss and expect people to gather ‘round. Social media isn’t anti-social on Threads!

And on a platform where actual interaction is being encouraged, it makes sense that you’d want to connect with like minds with similar interests and hobbies.

Still, Threads remains stubbornly unwilling to make changes that allow you to easily find those people and conversations.

The addition of a search function was nice, but Threads still isn’t as intuitive as it needs to be to truly replace what we’re losing in terms of breaking news, communities, and live reactions on X.

No hashtags.

No trends.

No categories.

It can certainly feel like you’re just sending words into the void.

And that brings us to the second thing you may have noticed.

2) Dear Algorithm… Posts

Regular Threads users are deeply skeptical – even mocking – of brand accounts desperately trying to post the same old meme-joke content they can coast on for yuks over on Instagram.

This platform presents a chance to genuinely connect with real people (i.e. potential customers or clients), and it requires a different touch that remains a struggle for many brand accounts. We’re simply not used to a system that isn’t built to force our nonsense on people!

It can also be hard for users to amass any kind of follower count or to find the right crowd.

What can you do to join, start, and maintain genuine conversations?

You don’t have to look far for a potential solution. Dear Algorithm… posts are everywhere!

Users have wholly and unironically embraced this trend, wherein we basically beg the platform itself to connect us with topics of interest and people who might like to talk about them. It speaks to both a real desire to find a home on Threads and a bit of frustration with how hard the app can make it to find your people and set up camp.

I, too, am into Straight Chillin’.

Thanks, algorithm!

This trend started up a few weeks ago, and I even advised Slice to give it a try. Why not?

We’re using Threads as a bit of a playground, going outside the bounds of a traditional posting plan and seeing what works. This remains one of our most successful posts on the platform.

I’ve posted one or two DA… messages myself, and since moved on to posts poking fun at them.

Sorry, I’m an old Joke Twitter guy.

It’s still my nature to question convention.

If you came to Threads to get away from platforms with obnoxious advertising and algorithms clearly geared more toward making sure you’re force-fed junk from sponsors than interesting content, the Dear Algorithm… concept may cause some discomfort. If we’re basically begging Meta to split us up into neat audiences broken down by demographics and interests, we should probably ask ourselves if we REALLY want that. It’s potential Monkey’s Paw territory. Careful what you wish for in the very predatory digital world. Remember – we’re the commodity!

For those of us who have missed talking to strangers the way we did on the ol’ Bird Site 10 years ago, or who earnestly want to find people looking to discuss a particular topic…you may have already posted one!

We still want to make new friends and bond over the sports and shows we love, the video games we play, what’s going on in the news. We just have to gently nudge Threads to make that happen for us.

While I’ve seen some success, where I’ve REALLY noticed it working is in connecting creative professionals and hobbyists – writers with other writers, readers with other bookworms, and people of orientations that have been subject to very toxic behavior on other social apps looking for friendly folks.

Early on in the Threads lifespan – meaning all of three long months ago – progressive-leaning users deployed a similar concept (No Dems Under 1k) to find community and pad their follower counts. This was a more aggressive and overt “share and follow” campaign, but it was certainly effective.

I was trying to avoid an overly-political social experience in this new world, so I stayed out of that one. But many users rode the “blue wave” of Twitter X-pats and were rewarded for it.

All that said, literally speaking to an algorithm as if it’s a benevolent demigod that can rain down cool people who also enjoy indie games or YA horror novels down upon you is an interesting thing to see. The posts definitely don’t seem to be slowing down!

Have you used the Dear Algorithm… trend? Did it work for you?

If you’re a brand account, have you been able to genuinely connect with users who aren’t also brand accounts?

What’s working for you or not working for you on Threads?

Any killer features still holding you back from putting a ring on it?

Hit us up on Threads at @SliceComm or leave a comment right here and let’s enjoy a little genuine conversation!

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