What is Threads? How can I use it in my marketing?

Written by: Austin Griffith

Meta has officially launched ‘Instagram Threads’ this week to a flurry of activity – with over 10 million sign-ups in seven hours. Much like their introduction of Stories back in 2017 (an admitted copy of Snapchat at the time), Instagram has seized the opportunity to enter the social media vacuum that Twitter’s new CEO, Elon Musk, has left behind as he turns a decade of users against the platform with maddening tweaks and near-daily rule changes.

So if you’re here, you’re probably a savvy marketer. You know how crucial the next few days and weeks are if you’re going to capitalize on the initial ‘Threads’ hype, and you probably want to understand more about it. You’ve come to the right place.

What is Instagram Threads?

Threads is an entirely new social media platform from Meta. More specifically, Threads is a sub-network of Instagram. It’s nearly identical to Twitter in basic form – users share short text-based messages with their followers and an algorithmic feed of other users (brands and people alike), with the option to add images and videos. 

So, what’s the difference between Threads and Twitter?

Technically? There isn’t much of one. The biggest difference will be the audiences that live on each platform and the algorithm that controls what they see – meaning the audiences you reach and the content they expect to see. Threads is driven by an algorithmic feed that shows you a mix of followers and other relevant accounts. It does not have a “For You” option that Twitter adapted, and it is currently a mobile-only platform. Threads also ditched hashtags and searchable content leaving it up to Meta to decide what content is served to your feed. As Forbes reported, Zuckerberg seems open to adapting the platform as he replied with a thumbs-up emoji to a verified Youtuber, Marques Brownlee, who posted, “As long as the big bosses are on here actively listening to feedback… a home feed just for people you follow would be ????”. 

The other big difference is the platform’s portrayal of images and videos. Being an Instagram product, media is given full-screen attention. Photos display beautifully, uncropped, allowing photographers to showcase their work (or memes) without the awkward half-crop we’re used to on Twitter. Users can also post up to ten images on Threads, similar to Instagram’s carousel function. 

 In Classic Facebook fashion, Meta has also opted to hold off on advertising on the platform. That’s right – Threads is ad-free (for now). 

How do I sign up for Threads? Did I already miss my chance to grab an ultra-exclusive handle?

Signup for Threads is easy – you simply log in with your current Instagram account, decide whether to create a new bio or transfer yours from Instagram, then you’re in! There is no new username. At this point, Threads allows you to ‘Follow All’ of the people you subscribe to on Instagram or find your friends manually. Selecting ‘Follow All’ also sends future requests to anyone who doesn’t yet have a Threads profile. So don’t be surprised if you join Threads and already see a handful of followers before you’ve kicked things off.

Can I delete my Threads account?

No. Conveniently nestled in the Terms of Service you agree to as you sign up for Threads is a clause stating that while individual Threads (posts) can be deleted, your Threads account is linked to your Instagram account – meaning the only way to delete your Threads account (for now at least) is to delete your entire Instagram account. Yikes. 

Ok. I’m on Threads. What should I post? What should my brand post?

It’s not rocket science (just social science!). Ask yourself: what do you normally post about? Are you snarky and funny, like Wendy’s & Arby’s? Keep it up! Do you share beautiful recipes that your audience adores? Do more of that! Keep doing whatever makes your brand… yours! Threads, while similar to Twitter, is a bit more ultra-personal. We’re following the creators and brands we’ve connected with visually throughout the years, except now, we can all talk! 

Our Take On Things?

Austin Griffith, Director of Marketing Technology

“This could spell an unfortunate end to Twitter under Musk’s reign. While it’s unlikely we’ll see politicians and breaking news organizations pivot entirely to Threads anytime soon, the core of Twitter’s advertiseable audience – it’s community of actual users – seem eager to make the move to Threads, where they will be greeted with stability, familiarity and importantly – no advertisements. While Twitter may never truly cease to exist, much like Snapchat, Meta may have just stolen their thunder for good. My advice to brands, marketers and influencers alike? Get in now. Build your audience. Find your tribe. Be vocal. You have a real opportunity to be a part of something big from the ground floor. Nobody truly knows what’s best or most effective yet – so dive in, play around in the sandbox, and six months from now you may have others asking you how you drive so much business from Threads. 


Marissa Bruette, VP of Digital Marketing 

“Something new and shiny hit the social media world, and unlike Clubhouse, Threads may have something with a little more longevity here. It launched at the perfect timing for the downfall of Twitter and lets its users easily navigate from Instagram to the app. For now, there doesn’t seem to be that much of a difference in how users use the platform compared to its Twitter counterpart. But I’d be interested to see how users will adapt. Could live-tweeting become live-threading? Time will tell. For now, brands should jump in on the opportunity to get ahead of the curve while they can. Use the quality photo capabilities and start engaging with your audiences in a more intimate way. I have a feeling Threads isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.” 


Dana Schmidt, Chief Strategy Officer

“I’m incredibly impressed with the brands that wasted no time engaging with their audiences. Within the first few hours of Threads, the replies had the unbridled, egalitarian energy of TikTok comments, where anyone can have a direct back-and-forth with any major brand. By withholding advertising, Meta is forcing brands to communicate as people, to people. It’s an exciting time! “


Want to talk about your marketing strategy and how Threads fits into it all? Contact us today.

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