Why a Good Project Manager is Vital to Success for Your Business

By: Anika Edrei

Why is it important to have a good Project Manager? 

1. You’ll never be left in the dark! 

  • Curious about timelines to completion? Any details regarding the strategy behind a deliverable? An excellent PM has the answers, and if they don’t have the answers, they know where to get those answers for you. 
  • We may not know everything off the top of our heads, but we know where any bit of information lives and can be found, whether it is consulting another colleague for expertise or searching tasks in our internal and external boards on Monday.com (or your work management software of choice). 

2. Projects will be delivered on time and on budget – and if they fall behind, you’ll be proactively informed!

  • Do you have an urgent deliverable? Perhaps a report that needs to be presented to the Board of Trustees by next week? A good PM is able to understand the urgency of such items and will ensure that urgent deliverables are completed on time.
  • If an item cannot be completed on time, a good PM is proactive and will let you know ahead of time why the timeline is unrealistic, what resources we have available, and will come up with a good compromise if necessary.
  • If you have difficult stakeholders to manage, their priorities will be addressed efficiently and on a time scale that works for them. Happy stakeholders = a happy Marketing Director or CEO!

3. Risks will be mitigated and proactively managed.

  • One major task of a project manager is risk management. This means that if there is any potential risk on a project, we will be sure to communicate that risk as soon as we are made aware of it and strategically work with you to come up with a solution that mitigates the risk as much as possible. 
  • Any potential risks can be signed off by your team so that there are no unhappy surprises. 

4.  Your marketing team will be overall happier.

  • Whether you have an internal marketing team or work with an agency such as Slice – we all know that employee turnover can affect productivity and timelines for projects.
  • A good PM is an assistive tool to leadership to ensure their production team is happy and has their needs met.

Having experienced, organized, and empathetic project managers is vital to ensuring efficient and effective operations. Project management, while it is often overlooked, helps a business run efficiently and effectively. A good project manager is a part of the execution process, can solve problems, and will help ensure that your key stakeholders are happy with the work that they see.

A good PM ensures that projects are delivered on time when they really matter to your team, and knows when and what to prioritize in order to ensure timely delivery. We are a resource you can rely on to help move the process and communication forward. If we don’t have the answers immediately for you, we will get them with the utmost speed!

Could your organization use a bit of…organization?

Is your marketing strategy all over the place?

Are you constantly falling behind on projects? Contact us today – Slice can help!

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