Alvernia Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership


The Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership (CEL) at Alvernia University is an educational program for business leaders in the Greater Reading area. With its connection to both national and local businesses, the Center has become a resource for business leaders and has brought them together with influential speakers who offer insights on all angles of business. Slice works with the Center to increase their engagement and help draw in more attendees for their monthly programs using social media and email.


For each event, Slice executes a promotional campaign aimed at increasing the number of signups. We start by making an announcement through organic social media, paid social media ads, and email. Our messaging plan involves not only promoting the event, but also leveraging the speakers as thought leaders and tying in relevant news and articles to build upon the progression of the yearly theme.

During the event, Slice engages with both the attendees and the CEL’s followers across social media by live tweeting and posting live pictures and videos.

After, we follow up across social media and email with key takeaway messages. We then prepare for the next program and start promotions again, using the recommendations and learnings from previous events to guide our plans and tactics. 


Prior to Slice’s involvement, event registrations were in the single digits. However, by using social media and email marketing for promotion, registrations have increased by over 500%. Additionally, their audience has grown to 650 followers on social and a 132.7% increase in email subscribers.

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