Exude Inc.


Prior to working with Slice Communications, human resources and employee benefits agency, Exude Inc. had not engaged in many earned media opportunities. Slice was faced with the challenge of creating media relationships, raising awareness about the company, and utilizing the expertise and thought leadership of Exude’s team members for earned media opportunities. Despite producing frequent press releases, Exude lacked exposure in trade publications and in articles with audiences in their industry. 


Wanting to expand Exude’s exposure and expertise, Slice worked to define clear messaging that would garner the attention of their target audience. During the First Cut, we uncovered that Exude’s hands-on, cost-saving, and innovative approach were the main benefits from a client’s perspective. In addition to their approach, Exude is also an industry leader with a wide variety of expertise. 

Once we had the strategy in place, the Slice team was able to use several different angles to execute targeted pitching leveraging Exude’s thought leadership and services. Expanding beyond the usual press releases, Slice created strong media relationships with local, national, and trade publications. Thanks to Exude’s range of expertise, the Slice team was able to focus our PR efforts on a number of topics such as diversity, equity and inclusion, navigating the impact of COVID on workplaces, the importance of mental health, pay equity and more. 


Slice was able to achieve exceptional PR work for Exude. Within three quarters Slice was able to achieve 27 placements across regional, national and trade publications. Throughout Slice’s time working with Exude, the audience reach was 3. Million UVPM’s with placements in the Technical.ly, Business.com, PeopleMatters, and SHRM. 

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