Since 1936, General Machine Products (GMP) has been a leading manufacturer of a wide range of products for the telecommunications, power utility, and cable television industries. Slice’s team of email and social media experts supports GMP’s marketing across social media, email, and website content creation with the goal of increasing brand awareness and digital engagement.


All good communications campaigns are based on relevant, insightful, and actionable content. Each month, we produced one piece of content for GMP’s blog that highlights new and trending specialty tools and equipment. Furthermore, we created an employee spotlight campaign to get their team excited and involved with company social engagement. 

Across LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, we developed organic strategies that focused on content creation, community engagement, and growth in performance, as measured by awareness, website traffic, and engagement. GMP’s social media content includes a strategic mix of product offerings, company culture, employment opportunities, and services. Additionally, we supported GMP’s sales team before, during, and after trade shows and conferences by engaging with conference attendees on social media. 

For email campaigns, our efforts focus on two areas. First, we developed monthly newsletter broadcasts that are sent to their entire list. These emails cover a range of products and updates, along with GMP’s blogs on their products and employees, to help illustrate GMP’s versatility and performance. Secondly, we developed a segmented monthly sales newsletter that highlights GMP’s expertise in the field, and specific products. Having multiple communication touchpoints is crucial because buyers need to be engaged several times before making a buying decision.  


Through our efforts, we have seen success in increasing GMP’s brand awareness, engagement, and clicks to their website. Since we began working with the team in June 2019, our cross-channel approach has led to a 1,625.1% increase in impressions, 4,102.8% increase in engagements, and 24% increase in followers as of July 2022.   Since July 2019, GMP has gained 546,891 impressions (beginning with 31,700), 18,114 engagements (beginning with 431), and 2,051 followers (beginning with 1,656).  Additionally, email newsletters received a total of 5142 clicks back to the website in the first half of 2022, which emphasizes the value of repeated contact and targeted messaging to potential customers.

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