Harold Beck & Sons


For over 84 years, Harold Beck & Sons have been a leading manufacturer of electric actuators for use in over 14 different markets. The company’s products differ from competitors due to their rugged design, reliability, precision, and maintenance-free operation. Beck came to Slice to manage and support their marketing across public relations, social media, and email with the goal of securing more leads and increasing sales.


To start the engagement, we developed a cross-channel strategy that focused on promoting both the company and their newest product, Group 57, to their top priority audiences in the oil and petrochemical industry, as well as their secondary audiences in water and steel. 

For public relations, we began by researching relevant media opportunities and identifying top industry publications that would reach their target audiences. From there, we developed pitches that highlighted the benefits of Beck’s products through their real-world performance in facilities. Additionally, we showcased the thought leadership of the Beck team on various industry trends.

Across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, we developed both organic and paid strategies that focused on content creation, community engagement, and growth in performance (awareness, website traffic, engagement).  Beck’s social media content includes a strategic mix of product offerings, company culture and employment opportunities, client testimonial videos, and services such as link-assist and on-site demos. Additionally, we support Beck’s sales team before, during, and after conferences by engaging with conference attendees on social media. This proactive engagement assists the sales team in creating connections with attendees who may be interested in learning more about Beck’s products and increasing brand awareness. 

In order to focus on lead generation, we have leveraged LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator platform. Using this platform, we have identified specific lead opportunities based on company, industry, and job titles, and conducted outreach on behalf of the client.

To start our email marketing engagement, we first went through and did a thorough check on their email list. Initially, they suffered from high bounce rates, which led us to do a complete list hygiene examination. After we removed all of the bad emails, we began our list segmentation strategy, which allowed our emails to target the most ideal recipients. Our main parameters for targeting included the subscriber locations and relevant industries. With support from Sales Navigator, we have grown their list by over 20%. 

For email campaigns, our efforts focus on three areas. First, we develop monthly newsletter broadcasts that are sent to their entire list. These emails cover a range of industries and help to illustrate Beck’s versatility and performance, along with any recent media placements, announcements, etc. Secondly, we develop one-to-one segmented emails that highlight Beck’s success and expertise in each of their verticals. Finally, we also promote their upcoming appearances at conferences by segmented targeting of their list based on geographic location and industry. 


Through our efforts, we have seen success in increasing their brand awareness and lead generation. Through public relations efforts, we have garnered 10 placements that showcase their products and the thought leadership of the team. Across social channels, we have achieved over 540,000 social impressions, over 11,000 engagements, increased their following by 77%, and garnered over 4,000 link clicks to their website. On LinkedIn specifically, we have earned over 900 connections for one of their team members, which have led to opportunities for their sales team. For email marketing, we have consistently garnered an average 20% click through rate. 

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