Health technology company Noble.MD launched an innovative tool in 2013 that revolutionized the way patients report critical data to their healthcare providers. The platform, called THEO, initiated self-guided assessments through questionnaires on mobile devices while patients waited at their provider’s office. There were several benefits to this tool, including increased patient engagement, and Noble.MD had proven THEO could help change patient behaviors and outcomes. In order to increase their reach and generate more leads, they engaged Slice Communications to develop and execute a public relations strategy around thought leadership and awareness. 


In order to communicate the benefits of THEO, Slice first worked to establish clear messaging around both the brand and the platform. Through our First Cut process, we not only identified their top priority target audiences, but also secondary audiences who could serve as leads to those top targets. For these audiences, we identified key messaging and differentiators that showcased the benefits of THEO and how it stood out from any currently considered option. 

After completing our strategy, we immediately focused our efforts on pitching several local Philadelphia publications, along with healthcare and technology publications. Our pitches focused on several different areas, including company news and funding updates, along with the value of patient-reported data in the healthcare industry.

To promote the thought leadership of the company, Slice was able to secure a speaking opportunity for their CEO at the MedCity Converge Conference, where he spoke about the importance of patient engagement. Additionally, we secured an interview for the CEO with HealthIT Answers, a digital publication focused on changes in healthcare delivery. 


Through our pitching efforts, Slice was able to secure 8 media placements across local, health trade, and technology trade publications. Additionally, we secured three thought leadership opportunities for the CEO of the company through a successful speaking opportunity and two interviews, one with a leading industry publication and the other with a major Philadelphia regional publication.

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