PA 30 Day Fund


The Pennsylvania 30 Day Fund, created by a group of Pennsylvania business leaders to help small businesses financially survive COVID-19, collaborated with Slice Communications to maximize public relations efforts and build strong strategic connections for communications opportunities. 

The Fund launched on May 7, 2020, originally hatched by ESB Holdings President Jeff Bartos upon learning of a similar venture being done in Virginia. The PA 30 Day Fund became a lighthouse to Pennsylvania small businesses, thanks to the proposed $3,000 forgivable loan system given to qualifying businesses. 


We began our collaboration by identifying a course of action all parties involved would take. Since this project was not limited to just Slice, we regularly touched base with social media and email volunteers. 

Slice started media outreach by crafting pitches introducing the PA 30 Day Fund, inviting reporters to interview board members for an inside perspective. The initial traction from these first interviews set the tone for the project, as other publications reached out after reading about the Fund. Along with various publications reaching out, donors began sending in generous donations as well, enabling the Fund to support more businesses in need. 

We wrote several press releases addressing the growing number of businesses receiving funding, the increase of donations to the Fund, and a $1 million challenge grant proposed by Ira Lubert and Pam Estadt. The releases and pitches were sent out to corresponding contacts within our targeted media list, specific to the Fund. 


Slice Communications provided exceptional PR work for the PA 30 Day Fund throughout the course of our partnership. The PA 30 Day Fund was able to support nearly 350 small businesses, each receiving a forgivable loan of $3,000. Throughout Slice’s time working with the PA 30 Day Fund, audience reach was measured over 670,000, with placements in The Philadelphia Inquirer, WHYY, The Reading Eagle, The Altoona Mirror, just to name a few.

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