PHS Harvest


Slice was hired to increase awareness of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society’s (PHS) Harvest program, which is a collective action initiative focused on increasing food production by empowering participants to plant food crops and share them locally with organizations such as food banks. Participants include community gardens, religious groups, schools and camps, institutions, and individual gardeners.


Slice’s expert PR professionals utilized strategic communications and specific tactics to increase awareness of the Harvest program. By knowing what words work and how to appeal to the media and the general public, we crafted press releases and pitches that demonstrated relevance and highlighted the program’s effort to address a major challenge within the City of Philadelphia – food insecurity. Our team tenaciously engaged reporters, editors, and producers who they have spent years building relationships with, and conducted follow-ups to ensure that PHS was at the forefront of coverage.


By following an outlined strategy, our team surpassed our client’s project goals. Throughout a six-month campaign we secured more than 81 media placements within Philadelphia and across the suburbs. This includes television features, newspaper articles, and online coverage. In total, our audience surpassed more than six million potential impressions throughout the Greater Philadelphia region within print, digital, and television.

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