Slice Communications was engaged by the Pittsburgh Conference on Analytical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy (Pittcon) for an engagement surrounding the return of the conference to the city of Philadelphia. This was the 70th anniversary of the conference, and the first time it was to be held in Philadelphia since 2013.


We developed and executed a public relations plan for Pittcon 2019 that focused on generating greater awareness of the conference by securing media placements, connecting the conference with possible local partners, and creating two new programs for the conference itself. 

The first new event we created was an innovation spaces bus tour of Philadelphia. We connected with, and secured tours of three different innovation spaces across the City of Philadelphia. These innovation spaces gave conference visitors an up close look at some of the great innovation occurring in laboratories across the city. 

The second event was a Diversity in STEM speaking panel. This panel was a discussion advocating for women, the LGBTQ community, and people of color in STEM fields. We secured a majority of the speakers for this panel, which was held on the Pittcon conference floor.


Throughout the various events and networking, we were able to connect the conference to 13 local partners. Some of these new connections partnered up with Pittcon for events, while others created specific discount codes for members of their organizations to attend Pittcon at a lower cost. 

Additionally, we secured 19 media placements, both nationally and internationally, around the conference. These media placements were seen on websites with a combined 16.2 billion page views per month. The conference itself also saw a 9.9% increase in attendance from the year prior when it was held in Orlando, Florida.

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