Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission


While the holiday season is typically considered a time of joy and togetherness, those experiencing homelessness can find this time of year to be exceptionally challenging. And no one knows that better than Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission, the oldest shelter in Philadelphia that infuses 21st-Century means with Gospel-based beliefs to provide a physical and spiritual sanctuary to those in need. 

On a normal year, Sunday Breakfast’s Thanksgiving campaign is a massive undertaking. But in 2020, they needed to raise enough funds to elevate their holiday experience into a safe, socially distant one. Luckily, with the help of Slice’s email, social media, and PR teams, Sunday Breakfast surpassed their Thanksgiving goal – but then they were faced with a new fundraising challenge a mere 5 days later: Giving Tuesday.

Slice was tasked with developing engaging Giving Tuesday campaigns that inspired action, and didn’t fatigue donors who had already contributed to Thanksgiving the week prior.


The Slice team tackled the challenge by beginning with a brainstorming session. After culling down the ideas and making sure the core concepts aligned with Sunday Breakfast’s mission, Slice shared the top three campaign briefs with their Diversity Advisory Council. This group of business leaders with diverse backgrounds and experiences work with Slice as consultants, ensuring all perspectives are taken into account for any client-facing work.

The Diversity Advisory Council shared positive feedback around two campaigns in particular that gamified Giving Tuesday: one that used popular interactive, customizable graphics for Instagram, and another that matched real time giving against certain milestones. A councilmember suggested leveraging the “Never Have I Ever” trend on Instagram Stories, where we ask followers to screenshot the prompts and donate if they’ve ever done the actions listed on screen (like eating cold pizza for breakfast or having an ice cream sundae before noon). Additionally,

The key here was to balance the “games” with meaningful stories of impact as told by diverse individuals. This would allow people to see tangible implications of their gift and feel more connected to the mission.


From our work with Sunday Breakfast throughout 2020, we were able to generate over $46,000 attributed to digital marketing efforts alone. On social media, we were able to generate over 509k impressions and 26.6k social engagements, with an additional 4.7k link clicks directly from social. For email, we instituted several new campaigns and tactics, including a “recently engaged” email segment that had a 30% open rate, and donation-focused campaigns with 6% click to open rate. Finally, on the public relations front, we were able to garner 8 media placements in top Philly and regional outlets.