University City Science Center


As a 55-year-old nonprofit focused on innovation, entrepreneurship, and technology, the University City Science Center has a history of working with Philadelphia businesses. To create awareness around their new building and headquarters at 3675 Market Street, Slice executed a 3 month campaign, featuring a media tour of the new space and a media training for the new leadership of the Science Center.


We began by identifying Science Center’s target audiences and competition, as well as what sets them apart from other local innovation centers. Since 3675 Market Street also houses partnerships with other organizations, such as Cambridge Innovation Center, Wexford Science and Technology, BioLabs, and Ventas, we had to establish and maintain relationships with these partners and collaborate with their representatives to ensure that everyone was on the same page and satisfied with messaging around the opening of 3675 Market.

Ahead of the public grand opening party, Slice hosted a media tour of the new building for reporters. Additionally, we coordinated interviews between the Science Center’s leadership team and key members of the media. 

To prepare for these and future media interviews, we also conducted a media training with the new leadership. Our media training workshop provides insight into how to leverage different types of media interviews to tell your business story the best way possible.


During our  engagement, Slice secured 14 local media placements, including articles in Philly Mag, Philadelphia Business Journal, the Philadelphia Inquirer, and KYW. Additionally, we secured 3 broadcast placements and successfully executed a full media tour. Finally, we executed a media training workshop to ensure future success.

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