An interview with a reporter is unlike any conversation you have with anyone else.  That’s because your job is not to answer questions; it is to deliver your messages. This shift in mindset takes training and practice, just like anything else that matters in your business or life. As a Philadelphia public relations firm, Slice Communications has put together a thorough media training workshop to give you all the necessary information and skills needed to take full advantage of media opportunities for your business.

Our experienced team at Slice works with executives and spokespeople to ensure that they get value from every interaction they have with the media.  We offer a 90-minute training presentation on interview best practices followed by one-on-one role playing exercises covering three different types of interviews. Trust Slice Communications to prepare you and your team for all of your upcoming PR initiatives. View an in-depth summary of our media training workshop below or contact us today to learn more!

Media Training Workshop Summary

Your Media Moment

The average media outlet reaches tens of thousands of people.  Imagine stopping in the middle of your workday, getting up from your desk, and without a moment of preparation, addressing a stadium of thousands of customers, employees, friends, and competitors. This is not a common-place interaction and requires proper preparation and training on how to handle such a loaded opportunity.

Delivering the Message

Successful interviews are message driven.  They are not question and answer sessions with a reporter.  They are strategic conversations that YOU LEAD in order to create a specific response or action. Slice breaks down how to successfully deliver your message and strategically elevate your initiatives.

Types of Interviews

There are many different types of media interviews.  Each one should be approached differently. In our workshop you’ll learn how to handle each of the following interview types:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • In-person
  • TV
  • Radio

Tricks of the Trade

There are techniques, tools, and best practices that will help you to evolve from a beginner to a master storyteller.  We will cover all the practical advice you need to be successful. However, landing the media coverage isn’t where you work stops – it’s only just begun. Just because you have the media placement or got the interview – what you going to do with the opportunity? Make sure you are as prepared as possible to effectively convey your message to the masses.


“Slice understands that every good story comes down to helping good people shine. The Slice team has been a fantastic resource for helping our organization harness its voice for productive results. The training and insights they provided made our team better prepared for opportunities for exposure, and gave us more confidence to make them happen.”

— Jason Bannon, Vice President, Marketing & Communications at Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania

“The media training by Cass and Slice is second-to-none.  It is the right mix of learning and practice and provides a plan to be better prepared for every type of inquiry. Be prepared to sweat a little!”

— Tracy Brala, VP of Ecosystem Development at the University City Science Center

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