What They Are

Press releases are formally constructed announcements of news or transactions (including new products, customers, employees, milestones, partnerships or projects) that we create and distribute for clients. They cite the “5 Ws” (who, what, where, when, and why) in a concise, factual manner with attributed quotes to bring the announcement to life.

Why We Do Them

While press releases are far from the only or most effective tool for generating media coverage, they do serve a role in succinctly and thoroughly communicating news for reporters who want to cover it. They can also be distributed to clients, customers, staff, influencers, and others to convey company announcements. For more on other ways we generate media coverage, see Media Outreach.

How We Do Them

First, we discuss the announcement with the client to help better understand what the news is and who it might impact. We gather background information, the names of the parties involved, data or statistics, and any other important aspects. Next, we evaluate whether the announcement is transnational news or if it would be better announced/distributed another way. It makes the most sense to distribute the news in the form of a press release, we draft it with the following best practices:

  • The headline should be factual and include the most compelling and relevant part of the announcement
  • The subheadline should complement the headline with the secondary message and, in most cases, should also include context for the announcement
  • The dateline opens the body of the press release with the date and location of the announcement
  • In the first paragraph, the 5 Ws are outlined in a way that demonstrates not only why the news matters to the company making the announcement but also why it matters to others
  • The following paragraphs may vary depending on the news, however it is important to recognize that a press release is not a brochure; marketing language, including exclamations, should not be included
  • At least one quote from a spokesperson, but not more than three, are drafted to add a human element; this is the only place where marketing language can be included
  • Press releases end with a boilerplate, which gives basic information about the company or companies making the announcement

Once we have drafted the press release, it is edited and approved by the company and we begin media outreach.

Bottom Line

A press release is the traditional form of making a connection with a journalist and sharing timely information that still has value in generating media coverage today.

If your company needs help with a press release or media announcement, contact us and we’ll try to help.