9 Highlights from Social Media Day 2019

#PhillyLovesBilly  What better way to start a Philly conference than with an artistic shoutout to the City of Brother Love? Thanks to our friends at EMC Outdoor for sponsoring this amazing masterpiece, completed on-site at the Meeting House!  The Human Side of Social Media Auntie Anne’s President Heather Neary didn’t follow a typical road to […]

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Conference Follow Up for WBEs

A few weeks ago, I had the great pleasure of presenting to a group of WBE-certified companies ahead of the 2019 National Conference. The amazing Peggy Gionta from Partners Consulting and I talked about capabilities statements and shared some new ways to think about them. At the heart of my talk was the perspective that […]

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The Buzz around Super Bowl Ads

Team Football or Team Commercial? There are two types of people at Super Bowl Parties—the football fanatics and the commercial-focused. Regardless of what team you were rooting for, there were 103.4 million people glued to their television for Super Bowl LII in 2018. A 30-second commercial slot for the Super Bowl will run you $5 […]

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