Goodbye Careers Page, Hello Culture Page

Written by: Kija Chronister

If there’s one thing companies have learned over the past 2 years it’s that culture matters now more than ever. Amidst the “Great Resignation,” working professionals are looking for companies that truly value and invest in their employees. Go beyond your annual holiday party, and showcase all you have to offer to potential new employees with a revamped culture page.

Put your core values into action

Most companies have a set of values, attitudes, goals or other characteristics that define their employees and are followed to create the ideal work environment. Now more than ever, employees want to see employers act on their employee engagement strategies and prove they aren’t just empty words. For example, Google has a whole page dedicated to the different commitments they’ve made to their employees and the community. From racial equity to accessibility to sustainability, they outline how they are taking action to make changes they’re committed to, in the spirit of full transparency. Whether you have specific initiatives aligned with social justice issues, or company growth goals that can be shared publicly, find a creative way to show that your company is living your core values day in and day out.

Testimonials speak for themselves

You can use all the buzzwords to describe your company, but potential employees will be more captivated by the words of actual team members. Identify a handful of “employee champions” across different departments who live your core values and can effectively communicate your employer brand. Don’t just get a generic quote and post it on your website. You can get creative with your “employee champions” content, the most popular being videos. Nike highlights the connection their employees have with the brand. Spectrum has a whole library of employee videos you can filter through by departments, location, topic, etc. Putting faces to your brand brings in that human element to help elevate your company culture.

What sets you apart from the competition?

Competition for employees is at an all time high across all industries. That is why it’s so important to have a communication strategy what sets your company apart from the rest. If your differentiating factors are not apparent, have a meeting with team members across all departments. These could be your designated “brand champions” but don’t have to be. Having an open conversation with representatives from each department will help you identify key insights to highlight on your new culture page. Whether it’s specific tools, programs, certificates, or techniques, featuring those keywords on your culture page will translate well in finding qualified candidates.

Highlight your perks and benefits

Potential employees want to know how companies are investing in their team. Since the “Great Resignation,” working professionals are looking for more than a well-paying full-time job. In a recent study from Staples, 62% of job seekers said they would accept a lower salary in exchange for better perks and benefits. Figure out the top four-to-six benefits and perks your company offers and those should be highlighted on your culture page. You can even take it one step further and get testimonials from team members on how they use the perks to benefit their lives.

Define your Employer Brand

You might be asking, what exactly is an Employer Brand? In short, using qualitative data collected from your employees, it is the messaging you convey through your recruitment marketing. Messaging should have three parts:

  • Positioning Statement: This is the one thing that makes you different from competitors as an employer. 
  • Point-of-View: This is what you believe as an employer. People will almost always make the emotional choice and work with people who believe the same things they do.  Unfortunately, companies almost never articulate this.
  • Supporting Messages: These are the other things that your highest priority potential employees must know in order to want to learn more.

At Slice, we specialize in Employer Brand Communications and you can learn all that it entails in our Employer Brand Communications: Promoting Who You Are to Your Future Employees eBook. Having a defined Employer Brand will not only help create a great culture page, but it will align all your recruitment marketing efforts and messaging.

Need help defining your Employer Brand?

Contact our team of experts at Slice Communications and we’ll help take your business’s recruitment marketing to the next level!

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