Slice Communications & the PA 30 Day Fund

Every commercial, every news story, every neighbor you pass from six-safe-feet away will tell you: this year has been tough. Yet while COVID-19 has brought suffering in many forms, it has also brought us together in a way. People have stepped up and committed time, money, and resources to improve their community and help those who are most vulnerable. To that end, our team here at Slice looked for ways to support those in need. We found that opportunity in the PA 30 Day Fund.

The PA 30 Day Fund was formed in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic, as many small businesses struggled to stay afloat given the cessation of primary revenue streams during the lockdown that took place in early 2020. In an effort to help businesses recuperate, Jeff Bartos founded the PA 30 Day Fund to give forgivable, $3,000 loans to small businesses. Having already helped hundreds of companies across a wide range of industries and geographies within Pennsylvania, The PA 30 Day Fund’s efforts still continue as of the publication of this piece. 

When the PA 30 Day Fund formed, our team members chipped in time and effort to make sure the project was a success. Our public relations experts worked on promoting the PA 30 Day Fund to journalists while our social media team members managed the profiles for the organization. Though we often perform these services for clients, this specific project was vastly different from any other. Seeing the stories of neighbors and community members recall the difficulties of having to let valued employees go, shut down a generations-owned family business, or contemplate the permanent closure of a lifelong passion project struck us at our core. At a time when the news cycle focuses on sheer numbers, these stories reflected the human element of this situation, personalizing what has become clinical. The real people behind these businesses remind us of the importance of our community, both locally and nationally. 

Our involvement with the PA 30 Day Fund will not stop anytime soon. We plan to continue to support the organization and lend a helping hand when needed. Having survived the recession of 2008 ourselves, we know the difficulties of operating at times like these. There is a light at the end of this tunnel, but it’s about getting there hand-in-hand with the rest of the community. 

Even when the last case recovers, the fallout will still be real, and the lives of virtually everyone will be different. Regardless of what the future may hold, our experience with the PA 30 Day Fund and supporting the community will forever be an important part of Slice history. Our commitment to Philadelphia and the health of small businesses will continue even when the pandemic is itself a distant memory. 

If you would like to help small businesses throughout Pennsylvania during these difficult times, we encourage you to make a donation to the PA 30 Day Fund. Even the smallest support makes a difference to those who need it right now. You can learn more about the organization and make a contribution at

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